Saturday, May 15, 2010

Semitruck Accident Lawyer

As long as there are vehicles on the roads , accidents do happen. Federal regulations are there in place. But if a driver breaks the rules and is involved in an accident, some other innocent people may be injured or killed. Semitruck accident lawyer tries to get justice for the victims. If anyone in your family is injured or killed in the accident involving a semiitruck, contact a semitruck accident lawyer immediately, who will advise you the action to be taken.

A semitruck accident lawyer takes up the case on behalf of the injured victim or the deceased victim�s family. If the truck driver or trucking company is at fault for the accident, the victim can sue them. Before you sue, you shall be very careful and must have enough evidence to prove the semitruck driver is indeed at fault.

Hence the semitruck accident lawyer analyses the situation and the reasons for the accident. Some reasons could be Driver fatigue, driver�s negligence, bad weather conditions, bad lighting, road conditions, poor loading of the truck, brake failure, any other equipment failure, punctured tire etc.

Cars traveling at 60 miles per hour may able be to stop in about 200 feet on applying brake. But the semi trucks have greater momentum and on applying brake when traveling at 55-60 miles per hour may stop after 400 feet. Hence semitruck accident lawyer has to analyze whether the brakes failed or bad road caused the accident.

Even if you are sure that the semi truck driver is at fault and the insurance company offers you �good� compensation, do not accept the same directly. You need to look into various things like your loss of wages, your medical treatment and expenses. Some times, the effects of the injury may surface after a year. Particularly any injury to the head shall not be taken lightly as damage to the brain may be slow and may surface the same after 1 year. Then you realize that you can not file a case again. Hence it is necessary for you to hire a semitruck accident lawyer, who will advise you at every stage and get you the best possible compensation.

You need not worry about medical bills and semi truck accident lawyer bills. The lawyer arranges the medical bill payment through insurance. And the lawyers� bills? No problem. They work on contingency fee basis. Hence their policy is �No win, No fee�