Monday, May 17, 2010

Naperville Divorce Lawyer

The actual legal process for getting a divorce varies by state. However, most marital termination proceedings usually include some version of the following components. Contact your naperville divorce lawyer for guiding you through the divorce :

• Mediation - The naperville divorce lawyer may not be of much use in Mediation, as in this process, the couple works with a trained mediator to reach agreement on contested issues to avoid going to court.

• Petition – One need to file a petition document for divorce. You can take the help of naperville divorce lawyer to properly phrase the petition document. This petition document formally initiates divorce proceedings.

• Summons & Response – Based on the petition, formal notice is served to your spouse about your intent to pursue court action to obtain a legal divorce. The spouse is expected to respond to the other parties' acknowledgement. One may ask their naperville divorce lawyer to handover the summons or response to the spouse or his/her lawyer.

• Motions – If you are afraid that your spouse may involve in domestic violence, contact your naperville divorce lawyer to file for a motion for a protective or restraining order.

• Discovery – Both the parties compile information to support their cases. In this phase your naperville divorce lawyer takes care of depositions and interrogatories.

• Hearings - If there are any issues to be sorted out before the final decision by the court, naperville divorce lawyer presents a case to be addressed by the judge to pass a temporary order. For example : who will take care of the children till the case is closed?

• Trial – Trial is long drawn process. The naperville divorce lawyer needs to handle witnesses, friends, financial experts, psychologists, as well as other types of evidence including financial records during the trial.

• Judgment – This is the final decision and the both parties are bound by the verdict. In this judgment judge addresses all the issues including child custody, visitation, distribution of assets/debts, spousal maintenance, alimony etc. With this the work of the naperville divorce lawyer is over. And the two persons earlier in wedlock are released forever.