Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Naperville Divorce Attorney

No one is generally happy at the decision of divorce. Division of property and the child custody create more heart-burns than being separated for many. Naperville law distinguishes between "marital" and "nonmarital" property. You may hire a naperville divorce attorney to understand these issues and to get your legal share. Only marital property is subject to equitable redistribution.

The wealth or property acquired after a marriage is marital property unless it is acquired by gift or inheritance or in exchange for premarital property etc. More details are available with the naperville divorce attorney and he will advise you accordingly.

Trusting your naperville divorce attorney is very important. If you hide facts from the lawyer, it hurts only you, if the hidden fact is exploited by the other attorney. Here are some tips on how to behave with your lawyer.

You must be open and honest with your lawyer. Many times it is noticed that the clients do not reveal a damaging fact like an extra-marital affair or shady financial dealings. Your naperville divorce attorney can help with damage control if he has been informed earlier , else he will be caught off-guard by your spouse's attorney.

you must provide all the necessary information of your assets and debt to your naperville divorce attorney. If you are aware of your spouse�s assets and debt, that also may help your attorney to work towards the best solution for you.

Be firm on your decisions. Do not keep shifting your stand. No attorney wants to work with a client who indecisive through the process. If you want seek a postponement, let your naperville divorce attorney know about it in advance, so that he can take necessary action. Another issue is that your legal bills also increase as you delay the process. When you waste the time , you are wasting your attorney�s time and you will be expected to pay for the additional time spent as a result of the delays.

Respect the boundaries. Your naperville divorce attorney is your advocate and is helping you to come over your divorce. While he can help you , you may not expect him to be your confidante or your financial planner. Your naperville divorce attorney is there to help your case professionally, not to take care of you!