Thursday, May 27, 2010

Franchise Attorney Colorado

Let us consider an established business wants to spread their operations in colorado. One thing they can do is invest millions of dollars. But then, there are many colorado business persons willing to invest in a good business, if the returns on investment are good. This comes under franchise, which means, expanding a business operation by licensing to a third party for a fee and grant the right to engage in a business operation under a required marketing plan. The colorado business person needs to talk to a franchise attorney colorado, who will study the franchisee business plan. These franchise operations are tricky some times and do not ignore to consult franchise attorney colorado.

The biggest advantage when you buy a franchise is that you are purchasing a proven business model and are expected to get financial returns quickly. However, all businesses may not be always remunerative. One need to read the agreements carefully. A franchise attorney colorado can read this carefully for you and advise you what to do.

The franchise attorney colorado can assist both franchisors and franchisees with the intricacies of federal and state franchising and business opportunity laws. If you want to become a franchisor, the attorney can assist you to make an informed decision. They can even help you register and the protect the trademarks for franchise.

For existing Franchisors, franchise attorney colorado can extend help to negotiate changes to the franchise agreement, deal with franchisee defaults and other franchise law issues. Similarly for Franchisees, they help in making the entrepreneur understand the business and legal ramifications of being a franchisee .

Franchise attorney colorado handles the registration of trade-marks and the preparation of the necessary documentation including franchise agreements, guarantees & indemnities. They also take care of all the regulatory compliance including preparation of the disclosure document required. Most often they handle franchise disputes on behalf of both franchisors and franchisees.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires every franchise system to prepare an extensive disclosure document. A copy of this document is to be given to any prospective franchise purchaser before he buys a franchise. If you decide to become a franchisee, the franchisor gives you this document and you need to sign the receipt of the same. And you are given 10 days time to read and return the document duly signed. You need to show this document to your franchise attorney colorado and get his comments. The document may be signed only after, franchise attorney colorado approves from your side.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer

Most common grounds for dissolution of marriage are Irreconcilable differences between the spouses. There are many way to file for divorce. Your schaumburg divorce lawyer is the best one who can explain the options. There is one provision called �no-fault� divorce where neither party need to prove any one wrong. There is also another option where the spouses live separate for some time. The schaumburg divorce lawyer will know better and suggest you an easierway.

If the couple lived separate for more than 2 years , court examines the conditions and may decide that irreconcilable differences have caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. It is the responsibility of the schaumburg divorce lawyer to advise the couple before they separate.

When we talk about living separate, it does not mean that the couple have to live in separate place. They can share one common accommodation, but not live as husband and wife. The schaumburg divorce lawyer advices you to strictly adhere to the following: no physical contact, freedom to come and go without explanation, separate bank accounts, etc.

Apart from the above, there are some other grounds for dissolution of marriage.
In these cases one need to indicate and prove the fault of the spouse.
For the court to grant a dissolution, schaumburg divorce lawyer must prove that the respondent:

a) was already married and living with spouse or
b) was and is naturally impotent; or
c) had committed adultery after marriage or
d) s guilty of habitual drunkenness or
e) has been convicted of a felony or other infamous crime.

Selecting a schaumburg divorce lawyer to handle your divorce case is a very important decision. The following are a few important criteria to help in finding the right divorce lawyer. Any divorce lawyer you consider should have good experience in handling divorce cases in your location and ask for his client list. Some times the schaumburg divorce lawyer knows various judges and their way of working and their way of giving judgments. Some experienced lawyers in your jurisdiction and should be able to use this knowledge to your advantage.Some lawyers charge US$ 100 to US $200 per hours and you make the best use of his time.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Naperville Divorce Lawyer

The actual legal process for getting a divorce varies by state. However, most marital termination proceedings usually include some version of the following components. Contact your naperville divorce lawyer for guiding you through the divorce :

• Mediation - The naperville divorce lawyer may not be of much use in Mediation, as in this process, the couple works with a trained mediator to reach agreement on contested issues to avoid going to court.

• Petition – One need to file a petition document for divorce. You can take the help of naperville divorce lawyer to properly phrase the petition document. This petition document formally initiates divorce proceedings.

• Summons & Response – Based on the petition, formal notice is served to your spouse about your intent to pursue court action to obtain a legal divorce. The spouse is expected to respond to the other parties' acknowledgement. One may ask their naperville divorce lawyer to handover the summons or response to the spouse or his/her lawyer.

• Motions – If you are afraid that your spouse may involve in domestic violence, contact your naperville divorce lawyer to file for a motion for a protective or restraining order.

• Discovery – Both the parties compile information to support their cases. In this phase your naperville divorce lawyer takes care of depositions and interrogatories.

• Hearings - If there are any issues to be sorted out before the final decision by the court, naperville divorce lawyer presents a case to be addressed by the judge to pass a temporary order. For example : who will take care of the children till the case is closed?

• Trial – Trial is long drawn process. The naperville divorce lawyer needs to handle witnesses, friends, financial experts, psychologists, as well as other types of evidence including financial records during the trial.

• Judgment – This is the final decision and the both parties are bound by the verdict. In this judgment judge addresses all the issues including child custody, visitation, distribution of assets/debts, spousal maintenance, alimony etc. With this the work of the naperville divorce lawyer is over. And the two persons earlier in wedlock are released forever.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Semitruck Accident Lawyer

As long as there are vehicles on the roads , accidents do happen. Federal regulations are there in place. But if a driver breaks the rules and is involved in an accident, some other innocent people may be injured or killed. Semitruck accident lawyer tries to get justice for the victims. If anyone in your family is injured or killed in the accident involving a semiitruck, contact a semitruck accident lawyer immediately, who will advise you the action to be taken.

A semitruck accident lawyer takes up the case on behalf of the injured victim or the deceased victim�s family. If the truck driver or trucking company is at fault for the accident, the victim can sue them. Before you sue, you shall be very careful and must have enough evidence to prove the semitruck driver is indeed at fault.

Hence the semitruck accident lawyer analyses the situation and the reasons for the accident. Some reasons could be Driver fatigue, driver�s negligence, bad weather conditions, bad lighting, road conditions, poor loading of the truck, brake failure, any other equipment failure, punctured tire etc.

Cars traveling at 60 miles per hour may able be to stop in about 200 feet on applying brake. But the semi trucks have greater momentum and on applying brake when traveling at 55-60 miles per hour may stop after 400 feet. Hence semitruck accident lawyer has to analyze whether the brakes failed or bad road caused the accident.

Even if you are sure that the semi truck driver is at fault and the insurance company offers you �good� compensation, do not accept the same directly. You need to look into various things like your loss of wages, your medical treatment and expenses. Some times, the effects of the injury may surface after a year. Particularly any injury to the head shall not be taken lightly as damage to the brain may be slow and may surface the same after 1 year. Then you realize that you can not file a case again. Hence it is necessary for you to hire a semitruck accident lawyer, who will advise you at every stage and get you the best possible compensation.

You need not worry about medical bills and semi truck accident lawyer bills. The lawyer arranges the medical bill payment through insurance. And the lawyers� bills? No problem. They work on contingency fee basis. Hence their policy is �No win, No fee�

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

Divorce is the end of the dreams for many. No one marries with divorce in view. When the marriage is not working as expected, one can take help of a counselor. Else the ultimate step of divorce. The divorce process is simple in cases where both parties agree for the divorce. Here you can take help from any schaumburg divorce attorney, as there are no complications. If one person is interested in divorce and other is not, it gets complicated and you need the best schaumburg divorce attorney. And the divorce process gets slower if the couple disagree to many things.

Even if both spouses are willing to separate through divorce, one of them need to file a petition with the reasons for divorce. The grounds on which you file a petition depend on the jurisdiction. Your schaumburg divorce attorney can advise you on which ground are valid in Schaumburg, so that petition is valid.

If the couple has a child/children it is a bit complicated.If the person who depends on the other for financial support, needs to ask the court for temporary orders for support as well as for the custody of children. The temporary order is usually granted within a few days and will remain in effect till a full court hearing. However if the person filing the case wants the financial support too, then he/she must consult a schaumburg divorce attorney and file the petition for divorce and the temporary orders at the same time.

A copy of the divorce petition has to be given to the other party. This is done by the person who files for divorce also files for proof of service of process. Some times this service process gets dirtier. It is better for the party who files the complaint to arrange for service of process to the other party's schaumburg divorce attorney. One�s spouse may be offended if a process server visit his/her office to serve papers.

A response need to be filed on receipt of the service of process. In this response one may agree or dispute the grounds indicated in the divorce petition. Involvement of schaumburg divorce attorney may required if both parties do not agree on issues. Then they need to negotiate all the issues of child custody, property division or financial support etc.

If all the issues are not resolved between them , then it goes to trial. Trial is generally expensive as one has to pay for the schaumburg divorce attorney as well as any other charges. The order of dissolution ends the marriage and spells out how the property and debts are to be divided, custody, support and any other issues. If both the parties negotiate their own resolution to all issues, they can get the draft the order of dissolution through a schaumburg divorce attorney and submit it to the court. The judge will approve, If the order of dissolution complies with legal requirements and both parties entered into it knowingly and willingly, ending the marriage.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Probate Attorneys California

A person may create a will indicating the disbursement of assets after his/her death. If the will is not in place, the court takes appropriate action. Probate is a legal process that is undertaken after a person�s death to enable the proper transfer of the decedent�s assets and estate to the rightful beneficiaries. If there is a will, the validity is assessed through probate. If there is no will, the relevant court oversees disbursement of assets and properties. The probate attorneys California always recommend people to make a will so that there is no ambiguity in transferring the assets to the nominated person in the family. The probate attorneys California also request the clients to list out all the assets, however small they are, as they may result in larger assets due to appreciation in time.

The probate attorneys California knows that all assets are not subject to probate. For example, bank accounts held jointly or a property registered jointly with the beneficiary are not subject to probate.

As per the probate attorneys California, assets under a specified value as determined by the state also do not come under probate.

The heirs and the beneficiaries will be notified about the will when the person who made the will dies and the probate is initiated. A list of the decedent�s assets and estate is made. The debts and expenses are also accounted. If the heirs and beneficiaries are more, the issue gets complicated as each of the party wanting the piece of property/assets may hire probate attorneys California.

During this stage, the heirs and beneficiaries may start contending and the accusations fly. The probate attorneys California say some point debated hotly are the mental stability of the decedent when will is made and the forgery or force applied on the person who signed the will.

One interesting feature is the entitlement of legal fees in the probate. The person, who is not a lawyer, dealing with the probate is entitled to a percentage of the assets. The assets that do not actually go through probate also will be considered in this case. Some times this �legal� fee for a non-lawyer may be much more than the fees of the probate attorneys California.

The probate attorneys California help people to make their wills property to minimize the family disputes. The probate attorneys California also ensure that the legal heirs and beneficiaries get their rightful share of assets and estate of the decedent.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Philippine Trademark Lawyer

A company�s reputation grows as it introduces innovative products. Every new idea that is �original� shall be patented and a trademark must be obtained. If you are establishing an office or manufacturing in Philippines, philippine trademark lawyer can render assistance in registering at the Philippine intellectual property office. The work may include the registration of your logo, trade mark, copyright and inventions. Philippine trademark lawyer ensures that all the necessary paper work is in order.

Philippine trademark lawyer can help in registration of a trademark if it does not consists of immoral, deceptive or scandalous matter and does not mislead the public as to the nature, quality or origin of goods or service. He can not register if it is identical with a registered, similar or famous mark.

If the mark requested to be registered consists of the flag or coat of arms or other insignia of the Philippines or foreign nation, philippine trademark lawyer can not take up the case. He can not also register a mark with simple color. However he can get an Industrial design cleared, where industrial design is defined as �any composition of lines or colors or any three-dimensional form, whether or not associated with lines or colors�.

Philippine trademark lawyer files an application for the trademark with the following : (1) A request for registration of the design (2) Applicant details (3) The design applicable; (4) A representation of the article of manufacture by way of graphic/ photograph.

The Patent Office analyzes the request and it finds that the conditions are fulfilled, it shall order that registration be effected in the industrial design register. Philippine trademark lawyer follows it up till the same is published and the Patent Office records in the register. The registration of an industrial design is valid a period of five (5) years from the filing date of the application and renewable for two consecutive terms.

Any person who is found guilty of committing infringement may be fined from Fifty thousand pesos to Two hundred thousand pesos and/or imprisonment from 2-5 years. Contact Philippine trademark lawyer immediately to look into these, if any, filed on you. Philippine trademark lawyer also takes care of any violations by others on your trademark.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Naperville Divorce Attorney

No one is generally happy at the decision of divorce. Division of property and the child custody create more heart-burns than being separated for many. Naperville law distinguishes between "marital" and "nonmarital" property. You may hire a naperville divorce attorney to understand these issues and to get your legal share. Only marital property is subject to equitable redistribution.

The wealth or property acquired after a marriage is marital property unless it is acquired by gift or inheritance or in exchange for premarital property etc. More details are available with the naperville divorce attorney and he will advise you accordingly.

Trusting your naperville divorce attorney is very important. If you hide facts from the lawyer, it hurts only you, if the hidden fact is exploited by the other attorney. Here are some tips on how to behave with your lawyer.

You must be open and honest with your lawyer. Many times it is noticed that the clients do not reveal a damaging fact like an extra-marital affair or shady financial dealings. Your naperville divorce attorney can help with damage control if he has been informed earlier , else he will be caught off-guard by your spouse's attorney.

you must provide all the necessary information of your assets and debt to your naperville divorce attorney. If you are aware of your spouse�s assets and debt, that also may help your attorney to work towards the best solution for you.

Be firm on your decisions. Do not keep shifting your stand. No attorney wants to work with a client who indecisive through the process. If you want seek a postponement, let your naperville divorce attorney know about it in advance, so that he can take necessary action. Another issue is that your legal bills also increase as you delay the process. When you waste the time , you are wasting your attorney�s time and you will be expected to pay for the additional time spent as a result of the delays.

Respect the boundaries. Your naperville divorce attorney is your advocate and is helping you to come over your divorce. While he can help you , you may not expect him to be your confidante or your financial planner. Your naperville divorce attorney is there to help your case professionally, not to take care of you!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Montana Truck Accident Lawyers

As per a report in 2002, in light truck accidents,12,182 people were killed and 879,000 were injured. In the same year 684 were killed and 26,000 injured involving large trucks. And the numbers are not coming down, despite the efforts of montana truck accident lawyers to make the culprits pay the penalties. The problem seems to be the light trucks moving within the city. The montana truck accident lawyers, keep themselves informed about the latest laws and the news.

The competent montana truck accident lawyers will be aware f the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (Title 49, Parts 350-399) that govern all vehicles engaged in interstate traffic.

Regarding driver qualifications, Montana has adopted Part 391 of the Federal Regulations with two notable differences. 18 year old ones can get a driver license as Intrastate drivers but shall not drive vehicles transporting hazardous materials. Another one is waiver of certain physical qualifications may be granted if prescribed criteria are met by the driving license applicants. In case of accident, montana truck accident lawyers look into the driver, driver�s license and the history.

Depending on the nature of materials hauled, various levels of insurance coverage has to be taken care of by the truck companies. If you are the victim of a truck accident, your montana truck accident lawyers will not accept the arguments of trucking companies regarding which insurance company shall pay you the compensation � your insurance company or the trucking company�s?

The first ones to arrive at the accident spot are likely to be the truck�s insurance investigators. They arrive within hours. Do not answer their questions as they may record the same and may use against you. Evidence plays a major role in the truck accident cases. The montana truck accident lawyers prefer to be involved at the earliest after the accident as they can advise you what to do and what not to do. At the same, they request you to collect as much info as possible.

If you contact your montana truck accident lawyers immediately after accident, they make necessary immediate accident investigations. Evidence is collected and interviews are conducted immediately. They also conduct a detailed analysis of the applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.. The montana truck accident lawyers are the best people to suggest whether to file a case or go for out-of-court settlement.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

LA California Attorney

You do not know when you may involve in an accident. It just happens. One should know how to deal with the situation. We hate to involve in any accident. However, there is not much we can do if the other person is at fault. That is why la california attorney advises people to be informed about the procedures to be followed in case of accidents. A la california attorney can help you in all sorts of cases like Bicycle Accidents, Construction Site Injuries, Dog Bites / Animal Attacks, Alcohol-Related Crashes, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death Litigation, Products Liability etc.

Unfortunately Bicycle accident injuries are common in California. The la california attorney knows the California vehicle laws pertaining to bicycle riders and can help you get the compensation. They also look into the Bike design and manufacturing issues, including braking to see if these are the cause for the accident.

Bike accidents can happen if a driver turns directly in front of a bicyclist or a driver driving past a bicyclist. What ever might be the reason, the bike rider is the one who gets injured, And la california attorney can help you file a case.

Another interesting one is Dog or animal attacks. You may love pets. But if you are bitten by an animal, you shall know what to do. Most of the time children are the victims of this case. California has specific laws regarding dog bites. You may need a la california attorney to check the specific laws related to dog bites in California.

Many consumers sustain injuries from defective products. These can be avoided is manufacturers or distributors are more care
full in designing the product as well as inform the user. However, if you suffered a loss due to defective products, you can contact la california attorney to file a case.

These product liability cases are complicated and the product companies hire very experienced lawyers. It is the responsibility of la california attorney to prove that the defect of the product caused your damages and/or the defect existed when the product was purchased. There are specific documentation to be take care of and the la california attorney knows how to handle the case on your behalf.

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