Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Truck Accident Attorneys San Jose

Statistics indicate that there were 58,512 fatal vehicle accidents in the U.S. in 2003. Of which, 4669 were that of fatal big truck accidents. And California tops the list with 5725 fatal auto accidents. But the fatal truck accidents were 332 in 2003.It is obvious that truck accident attorneys san jose are busy. If you ever get involved In a truck accident, contact the truck accident attorneys san jose for their expert guidance.

Driving trucks is not easy. And those who drive trucks must be more careful and shall be aware of driving rules and regulations. If you driving a large truck on a highway and suddenly take a turn to left or right can cause a terrible accident. You may have signaled, but was there enough time for others to notice and react? You need to give the correct picture of the accident and how it happened to your truck accident attorneys san jose, when they take up your case.

In case of a truck accident, the finger of suspicion points towards the truck driver. This is unfortunate to group the truck drivers in this fashion. The truck accident attorneys san jose observe that, 75% of truck accidents were caused by the other vehicle drivers, and not the truck drivers.

The truck accident attorneys san jose also aware that the truck accidents are more in rural areas (68%) than urban areas (32%) as per the statistics in 2003.

The truck accident attorneys san jose seem to be busy on weekends as 78% of the truck accidents happened on weekends.

The major contributor to the truck accidents is the driver fatigue. It was noticed that this contributes to 30% of all the truck accidents where the drivers without enough rest were involved in accidents. Hence the truck accident attorneys san jose look into the driver�s condition and the nature of driving and how long he was driving etc.

Whatever is the reason, it is unfortunate if you ever get involved in a truck accident. Contact the experienced truck accident attorneys san jose, who can advise you and guide you through the legal process. Take the pictures of the scene and note down all the details of the drivers, insurance companies. Never give a statement on your own as the insurance companies may use the same against you. Contact truck accident attorneys san jose at the earliest and leave the rest to them while you attend to your medical problems and work related issues.