Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trademark Registration Attorneys

Every company claims that they are different. What makes them different? It is the difference that is called �Brand�. The trademark registration attorneys help people as well as companies to register their patents and trademarks. There are automobiles everywhere. What makes Mercedes or a Ford stand apart? When you think of racing cars, you think Ferrari. It is the brand. The prancing horse of Ferrari and the three pointed star of Mercedes are the trademarks. If they have not registered the trademarks, any one could have registered them with the help of trademark registration attorneys.

Trade mark is what you are. It is the reflection of the brand. It could be a product or a service or a process. But it is yours. You have something which no one had it earlier. And many more may get benefited, if they use your idea. If you are convinced that it is unique, you must take the help of trademark registration attorneys to register your idea as a patent/trademark. The trademark registration attorneys explain you the procedure involved to do so.

If you have not registered your trademark and are using the same, some one may copy this or may come across this same idea elsewhere in the world and probably would register the trademark. If that happens, even the trademark registration attorneys find it difficult to get that trademark for you.

Hence it is extremely important to register your trademark with the help of trademark registration attorneys. These attorneys know all about the procedures and the finer details of the trademark law.

Your company may have many employees. And some brilliant employees come out with unique ideas/inventions. Your company shall have a policy in place to register the patents and trademarks in the name of the company or jointly with the individual ,as a policy. The trademark registration attorneys can also help you register the trademark either in the company name or in the individual�s name as per the company policy.

The trademark registration attorneys arrange for the trademark application that can be filed in the U.S. on the basis of : 1) commercial use in the U.S.; 2) bona fide intent to use the mark in the U.S.; 3) an application or registration in the applicant�s home country if it has a treaty with the U.S.; or 4) under the Madrid Protocol. One needs to be quick in registering the trademarks these days as it is like �first come first serve basis�. Approach reputed trademark registration attorneys who can arrange for the trademark registration at the earliest.