Monday, January 18, 2010

Texas DWI Lawyers

A person accused of for driving while intoxicated(DWI) must hire one of the best texas dwi layers that he/she can find and afford. They can get the ultimate result to a DWI case which is an absolute dismissal of all charges. This result is usually only obtained when the prosecution is convinced they will lose and withdraw from the trial. If dismissal is not possible, texas dwi layers will try to get your name cleared by the judge or jury as "not guilty."

A person making a statement to the police when arrested saying that he/she took a prescription drug may not help his/her case as a prescription drug is not a defense to DWI. Texas dwi lawyers need to find a way to bail you out if the prosecution attempts to prove by having a chemist testify the side effects of the alleged drug/medicine.

Texas dwi lawyers generally handle two types of cases:
1. A person driving a motor vehicle on a public street while having an alcohol concentration in the excess of .08 or more
2. A person driving a motor vehicle not having the normal use of MENTAL or PHYSICAL faculties due to the consumption either alcohol and/or a drug into the body.

The dwi arrest of a Texas driver creates two cases. More specifically, a DWI arrest results in a criminal charge, but it also initiates a civil proceeding against the arrested motorist's driving privileges called an administrative license revocation. Texas dwi lawyers can try to get you out in both the cases.

The prosecution may attempt to suspend your driver license once you are booked on dwi case. It is the job of texas dwi lawyers to fight this and so that the license is not suspended. Though the laws allowing the prosecution to suspend driving license have become tougher, you need an experienced lawyer to properly fight these attempted suspension.

When you talk to texas dwi lawyers, they analyze the facts of your case, give you their opinion and discuss how to approach it. They explain your legal rights, your options, the judicial process, so that you will know exactly what happens.

Some texas dwi lawyers will review the Complaint against you which may include the steps taken to conduct the chemical and roadside tests against you and analyze if they are valid. They also try to see the possibility of discrediting the police officer's testimony. Do not compromise in opting for one of the best texas dwi lawyers.