Sunday, January 17, 2010

Texas DWI Law Lawyer

The two terminologies use in case of drunken driving are "driving under the influence of alcohol" (DUI) and "driving while intoxicated" (DWI). Another "per se" offense deals with driving with an excessive blood-alcohol concentration (either .08% or .10%). A person may be booked under either one or both the charges. Then he/she must take advise from a texas dwi law lawyer. Once charges are drawn on the person, texas dwi law lawyer can represent the person to safe guard his/her interests.

Once you are stopped by the police officer and he may ask you to take the a breath, blood or urine test. It may not help even if you call your texas dwi law lawyer. When you are granted the driving license in Texas, they would have already conditionally agreed, after their arrest, to take either a breath or blood test if requested to do so by a police officer. This consent is applicable if the person was found drunk and was driving in a public place like public roads, highways, beaches, parking garages and other places where the public has access.

When an alcohol related accident results in a death, the motor vehicle that was involved can be termed a "deadly weapon". Your texas dwi law lawyer would know that intoxicated drivers who are involved in accidents where a death has occurred, can be considered to have used a "deadly weapon" under the Texas law. This is a serious charge.

Under Federal and State Constitutions, persons have an absolute right to the assistance of an lawyer. However, texas dwi law lawyer may not be able to directly help in case of pre-trial. During pre-trial he can assist you in answering police interrogation questions. But in trial stage he actually takes charge. Hence hire a best lawyer if there has been a death due to �deadly weapon�.

A knowledgeable texas dwi law lawyer ensures that you are treated properly an are entitled to all your rights. He may also arrange for a second independent blood test by their doctor if performed within two hours of arrest. He can also arrange for bond and get you out of jail. An experienced texas dwi law lawyer can bail you out from the difficult times.