Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Social Security Lawyer New Jersey

You have been employed with social security coverage and then you find yourself disabled one day. You wonder how you survive and what happened to all the Social Security taxes paid by you. The Social Security Administration checks how much Social Security tax has been taken in the 10 years prior to your disability. This could be tricky and the social security lawyer new jersey is the best one to deal this on your behalf.

The social security lawyer new jersey is an expert in the field of Social Security claims and will look into your case from many different angles to justify your eligibility under social security benefits.

The disabilities can be classified under two categories � Physical or Emotional. You may be disabled under either of the one or both. What ever be the reason, if you are unable to work at any type of job for at least twelve consecutive months or longer, social security lawyer new jersey will try to get you the Social Security Disability benefits.

You must also be undergoing proper medical treatment and your social security lawyer new jersey will argue that you are not able to perform your former job and any other job and that you are under medical treatment and request for Social Security Disability benefits.

There is another scheme the social security lawyer new jersey can check whether you are eligible. This is SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Benefits.

The social security lawyer new jersey explains that an individual must qualify financially, meaning one must have very little income or assets. If your income and assets combined meet the limits set forth by Social Security, you may be eligible to request for SSI disability benefits. Under this case, you need not have an employment history and the need for Social Security taxes.

There may be a case where you have got your Social Security Disability benefits. Even after that your income/assets fall under the limits and you may be eligible for SSI too. These are generally looked in to by your social security lawyer new jersey.

It is advisable to contact social security lawyer new jersey, if you are disable or feel that you may not be able to continue in the current job and are likely to get disabled, The social security lawyer new jersey will advise you accordingly.