Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Savannah Georgia Prempro Lawyer

Many women face problems with menopause and the doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The drug commonly used for this purpose is prempro. More than three million women in the United States use Prempro or similar drug daily to replace hormones lost at menopause. Some side effects of this drug were noticed and this called for a new specialization called savannah georgia prempro lawyer. The savannah georgia prempro lawyer takes up the cases of the women who are the prempro users and have been identified as affected badly by the side effects.

Many woman experience menopause without any problems. Some women may face lot of problems like irregular menstruation with a very heavy flow, intense sweating, irritable mood swings, intense sweating etc. These women go for the treatment. The savannah georgia prempro lawyer are aware that some of these women are vulnerable to the prempro side effects.

The savannah georgia prempro lawyer keeps himself informed about prempro side effects as reported. A research reported that the side effects may result in breast cancer (26%), strokes (41%), blood clots (100%) as well in cardiovascular disease (22%).

The savannah georgia prempro lawyer may offer free initial consultation to help you in determining whether you have a proper case and the necessary evidence to make a claim for compensation.

You may claim compensation for medical expenses for the harm and injury caused by prempro. The savannah georgia prempro lawyer can help you receive the compensation for pain and suffering, and loss of income.

The savannah georgia prempro lawyer has enough knowledge about the menopause, prempro, other drugs that react more with prempro etc. They may go through your medical history and refer to a specialist doctor, if required.

Once the savannah georgia prempro lawyer is ready with the required documentation and evidence in your case that you are really affected by prempro, they will file a case against the concerned. It is not an easy case to fight as millions of women use prempro and have not reported any problem. Hence the savannah georgia prempro lawyer need to concentrate on how you are affected by prempro. Hence you must discuss all your details, however trivial it is with your lawyer, to build a strong case for you.