Thursday, December 31, 2009

Requirements To Become A Lawyer

Doctors and Engineers are considered professionals. So are lawyers. Becoming lawyer is not an easy task. However if you want to become one, there are some requirements to become a lawyer. There are many avenues one can follow. A Career as a lawyer is challenging and rewarding..

What are the requirements to become a lawyer ? One needs to be a Graduate. After earning a bachelor's degree one shall take up the law school entry level exam (LSAT). This exam will permit an individual to apply to law school. Many universities offer courses in law. There are many specializations like criminal law, corporate law etc are possible. The student can decide what he/she likes most and pursue that area.

Once you complete law school and the proper internships, you have the satisfied the basic requirements to become a lawyer. But the State bar exam must be cleared in order to begin practicing law as a licensed attorney. Some states insist that all prospective lawyers undergo a character and fitness review, and a criminal background check.

Apart from basic requirements to become a lawyer, one needs to have some soft-skills. You need to have very good communication. While you need to be aggressive in arguing, you should have a good eye for details and ear to understand the other�s arguments.

Do not get carried away with small success. There may be some info between the sip and the lip. Never ignore facts. Being rational and objective are some other requirements to become a lawyer.

If you have the personality traits of being argumentative, competitive, aggressive, and dominant, a graduate degree, a law degree and have cleared the Bar exam, you have all the requirements to become a lawyer!

There are many areas a lawyer can specialize in. Getting conversant with medical terminology is one of the requirements to become a lawyer specializing in medical malpractice case. One needs to be aware of what is happening in other major cases happening around the country in the areas where the lawyer practices. Keeping oneself informed is utmost important and recalling a previous similar case and its verdict are some of the other requirements to become a lawyer.