Monday, December 28, 2009

Property Lawyers Spain

Spain is a beautiful place and every one would love to own some property there. And there has been increasing demand for the real estate. Many foreigners started buying property in Spain. Hence the need for property lawyers spain who can speak English also. The property lawyers spain have now started recruiting their staff who can speak dual languages of English & Spanish.

As an outsider, you may not know the rules of the land. Also the legal terminology may be different. Hence it is always advisable to hire a property lawyers spain if you want buy some real estate. In spain.

You can go through any of the estate agents and avoid the lawyer�s charges which may be higher than the estate agents� margin. But you must check whether the property is genuine and also whether the price is reasonable. The property lawyers spain know all about the laws, and the market rates of the land in discussion.

The property lawyers spain have ways to check whether the property is genuine and they also know the actual market rate for the property. They can negotiate on your behalf.
If you like the property, the property lawyers spain arrange for a contract agreement and recommend you to pay a small amount as advance. The balance amount is supposed to be paid at the time of signing of the escritura de compraventa, the conveyance deed.

When you are ready to pay the balance money and take possession of the property, the property lawyers spain will get the Title deed signed in the presence of the Notary and arranges for the final payment. The vendor then hands over the property keys to you and you are the proud owner of the property in Spain. However the transaction is not complete till you get the title deeds. Notary will fax the details of the title deed to the local land registrar. Once the title deed reflect you as the owner, the property lawyers spain can also arrange for the transfer to your name of utilities and services such as water and electricity and organize their payment.