Sunday, December 6, 2009

Immigration Lawyer Burnaby

If an employer identifies a person of foreign origin with a bachelor�s degree or its equivalent and is required to execute certain work, the person is eligible to get H1B visa.

This is non-immigrant status, meaning that the person will reside in US temporarily till the job assigned to him is complete. But he can not stay beyond the H1B visa validity period. However he can apply for permanent residency and the immigration lawyer Burnaby can help him go through the process. One has to be a specialist in his area and the company indicates that this person is a good resource. The immigration lawyer Burnaby can explain the finer points to get the permanent resident status.

If you are I a hurry to get the processing faster, the immigration lawyer Burnaby may suggest you to go for a premium processing option costing an additional $1,000 in filing fees. Once the additional fee is paid, the US Immigration Service will process the application within 15 days from receipt of the application.

The immigration lawyer Burnaby explains that to apply for this visa one must have a bachelor degree or experience in the field of employment equivalent to a bachelor degree; or relevant work experience to the position offered. Even if you have qualifications, it would not help as an employer in US shall offer a job and be willing to sponsor your Visa.

H1-B visas are valid for 3 years. They can be renewed or transferred repeatedly. The immigration lawyer Burnaby remarks that the total validity can not exceed 6 years.

You can take the help of immigration lawyer Burnaby if you are an H-1 B employee and is terminated for any reason before your authorization to work in the U.S. expires. Your Employer can not charge you a penalty for leaving your employment prior to any agreed date. Your employer must pay you the required wage no later than 30 days from your entry into the U.S. Your employer is also liable for transportation costs to return to your last place of residence.

The immigration lawyer Burnaby takes care of the three major stages of visa processing.
a. Apply to State Department of Employment for approval of the prevailing wage request
b. Approval of the labor certification, form ETA 9035 by the U.S. Dept. of Labor
c. Approval of the H-1B visa application, consisting of forms: I-129, I-129 H and I-129 W
If the process is delayed in getting an employee on H1 visa, the project may get delayed. Hence it is recommended to take the help of an experienced immigration lawyer Burnaby to avoid any delay in processing.