Thursday, December 31, 2009

Requirements To Become A Lawyer

Doctors and Engineers are considered professionals. So are lawyers. Becoming lawyer is not an easy task. However if you want to become one, there are some requirements to become a lawyer. There are many avenues one can follow. A Career as a lawyer is challenging and rewarding..

What are the requirements to become a lawyer ? One needs to be a Graduate. After earning a bachelor's degree one shall take up the law school entry level exam (LSAT). This exam will permit an individual to apply to law school. Many universities offer courses in law. There are many specializations like criminal law, corporate law etc are possible. The student can decide what he/she likes most and pursue that area.

Once you complete law school and the proper internships, you have the satisfied the basic requirements to become a lawyer. But the State bar exam must be cleared in order to begin practicing law as a licensed attorney. Some states insist that all prospective lawyers undergo a character and fitness review, and a criminal background check.

Apart from basic requirements to become a lawyer, one needs to have some soft-skills. You need to have very good communication. While you need to be aggressive in arguing, you should have a good eye for details and ear to understand the other�s arguments.

Do not get carried away with small success. There may be some info between the sip and the lip. Never ignore facts. Being rational and objective are some other requirements to become a lawyer.

If you have the personality traits of being argumentative, competitive, aggressive, and dominant, a graduate degree, a law degree and have cleared the Bar exam, you have all the requirements to become a lawyer!

There are many areas a lawyer can specialize in. Getting conversant with medical terminology is one of the requirements to become a lawyer specializing in medical malpractice case. One needs to be aware of what is happening in other major cases happening around the country in the areas where the lawyer practices. Keeping oneself informed is utmost important and recalling a previous similar case and its verdict are some of the other requirements to become a lawyer.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Real Estate Lawyers In Costa Blanca

Buying real estate can be tricky. Hence it is required to evaluate the property under consideration. There are many real estate lawyers in costa blanca who can help you buy a dream property in Costa Blanca. Once you have identified and decided to buy a property, obtain services of any one of the real estate lawyers in costa blanca to act on your behalf.

Some buyers act in haste and sign us some documents or pay money, before getting legal advice. They may be lucky if there are no legal issues. Prevention is always better than cure. If you hire services real estate lawyers in costa blanca, they carry out land registry search to find out who actually owns the property, its dimensions and any charges on the property.

Once the real estate lawyers in costa blanca are convinced that the property is free of any legal issues, they will advise the buyer to go ahead with the tranasaction. They prepare a private contract of sale with the seller. Once the contract is agreed, a deposit is paid to the seller for agreement. The balance is paid at the signing of the escritura de compraventa, the conveyance deed and the property keys are handed over to the buyer.

The Conveyance deed is signed before a Costa Blanca notary who has the capacity to authorize sales and purchases in a Public Deed. The buyer is required to be present during this. If the seller is unable to do so, he/she may grant a power of Attorney to one of the real estate lawyers in costa blanca to act on your behalf.

If you want to sell a property in costa blanca, pass on all the relevant legal documents of the property, infrastructure , tax paid details etc to the real estate lawyers in costa blanca to find out what kind of fortune you can get!

Once you plan to buy a property in costa blanca, you can look for property advertisements in newspapers. But it is advisable to go to a reputed realesate agent who will have good contacts with real estate lawyers in costa blanca as well as a variety of properties to choose from. However, you can hire one of the real estate lawyers in costa blanca of your choice, who can take care of the entire deal from beginning to the end.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Property Lawyers Spain

Spain is a beautiful place and every one would love to own some property there. And there has been increasing demand for the real estate. Many foreigners started buying property in Spain. Hence the need for property lawyers spain who can speak English also. The property lawyers spain have now started recruiting their staff who can speak dual languages of English & Spanish.

As an outsider, you may not know the rules of the land. Also the legal terminology may be different. Hence it is always advisable to hire a property lawyers spain if you want buy some real estate. In spain.

You can go through any of the estate agents and avoid the lawyer�s charges which may be higher than the estate agents� margin. But you must check whether the property is genuine and also whether the price is reasonable. The property lawyers spain know all about the laws, and the market rates of the land in discussion.

The property lawyers spain have ways to check whether the property is genuine and they also know the actual market rate for the property. They can negotiate on your behalf.
If you like the property, the property lawyers spain arrange for a contract agreement and recommend you to pay a small amount as advance. The balance amount is supposed to be paid at the time of signing of the escritura de compraventa, the conveyance deed.

When you are ready to pay the balance money and take possession of the property, the property lawyers spain will get the Title deed signed in the presence of the Notary and arranges for the final payment. The vendor then hands over the property keys to you and you are the proud owner of the property in Spain. However the transaction is not complete till you get the title deeds. Notary will fax the details of the title deed to the local land registrar. Once the title deed reflect you as the owner, the property lawyers spain can also arrange for the transfer to your name of utilities and services such as water and electricity and organize their payment.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Probate Lawyers California

Probate is a process designed to effectively administer the assets and estate of a person who is dead. This person might have left a will or not, the probate process will start. In this process a person is authorized to handle the assets till the probate is complete and the assets/estates are distributed. The probate lawyers California can handle this case in a positive manner to get the assets as per the will. The probate lawyers California also try to validate the legal heir, if the will does not exist. The probate lawyers California take up the case to protect the rights of the legal heirs.

There could be some distant relatives claiming a share of the property. The probate lawyers California need to carefully study the relationships and their validity.

Once the probate is initiated, the assets, debts, taxes due to the government, liabilities are listed. All the debts and expenses are deducted from the deceased�s property. The balance property is identified for distribution to the legal heirs/beneficiaries as per the law.

The cost of probate differs from state to state and is dependent on the complexity of the will, claimants and the size of the estate. The probate lawyers California observe that this could be around 4% to 7% of the total estate value and sometime a costly affair too if the will is contested.

The probate lawyers California explain that there are number of fees/costs involved in probate. The are Appraisal costs, Executor�s fees, Filing fees for the court , Surety bond fees, Legal fees, Accountancy fees et. All these add up to a bigger sum.

If the will is left behind, it generally indicates who may be the executor. The executor may be a lawyer or non-lawyer or the beneficiary himself. The executor is paid 2% of the estate. Some times the probate lawyers California could be the executor.

The probate process is handled in the area where the deceased was the resident resided permanently at the time of death. And you will find probate lawyers California very helpful. Take the help of the probate lawyers California to create a Will to ensure proper transfer of your estate smoothly to your family.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Property Lawyers Marbella

If you are planning to buy property in marbella, you must contact one of the property lawyers marbella as they are the authority on real estate/property in marbella. As an outsider, you may not know the actual cost of the property. But, the property lawyers marbella deal with various properties every day and they may know a lot more than you.

Many vendors may finalize the deal and ask you to pay certain amount as per the contract and the balance money in cash. But this is not legal and may land you up in a problem. The property lawyers marbella advise you appropriately.

There are many estate agents in marbella who can suggest a property suitable to your taste and budget. Approach only reputed estate agents even if they charge a bit more than others, but it is worthwhile losing more money either in litigations are in disputes. Some estate agents even recommend property lawyers marbella to their clients when it comes to contract negotiations, searches etc. However, this may not be a good idea. You may try to get some information on the lawyer whether he works in your interest or in the real estate agent�s interest.

It is advisable to hire one of the ndependent property lawyers marbella yourself or through the reference from friends who might have hired the services.

When you plan to buy a property in marbella, think over carefully the purpose of such an investment. Is it for investment for future or you wanted to make a holiday home? Or you want to buy a property and build a commercial complex. The property lawyers marbella can explain to what property can be bought.

Consulting the property lawyers marbella helps as they know if a property is under litigation.

Imagine your situation where you buy a property that will be part of some road expansion plan or some other infrastructure program of the government. The property lawyers marbella will know before hand whether the property is affected by such situations are not. The real estate agents may not tell you the facts. However, the property lawyers marbella can help you take informed decisions.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Product Liability Lawyer Colorado

You buy a product and then you find either it is not working as expected or it causes some harm to you. What can you do? Generally you tend to return the product and the shop replaces or refunds the amount. A product can be unreasonably dangerous for various reasons. Either it is a faulty design or a manufacturing defect, they all come under category of product liability. If you want to claim compensation for being a victim of this defective product, you may contact your product liability lawyer colorado.

Product liability lawyer colorado knows well how to handle these cases against the Product liability law, which provides for compensation for physical injuries and property damage resulting from defective and unreasonably dangerous products as well as from the failure of a manufacturer or seller to warn the consumer of product dangers of using their products.

A products liability claim can be filed if you have suffered personal injury, some one�s death or property damage caused by a product. Your product liability lawyer colorado analyzes the case and decides under what category, he can file the case for you . They may include manufacture, construction, design, formula, preparation, assembly, installation, testing, warnings, instructions, marketing, packaging or labeling of any product.

Many times it so happens that you use have already used the item and have become a victim. Probably, you have disposed off that item in frustration. And then you realize you can file a case. Without the proof of using the product and its damage it is difficult to file acase. Hence preserve all the evidences and contact the product liability lawyer colorado, who can take it up seriously.

You can take the help of product liability lawyer colorado to file a lawsuit under any of the following : Strict Liability & Negligence Theories , Defenses Against Product Liability , Failure to Warn , Medications.

Strict liability applies to a person or company which sells a product in a defective condition that is unreasonably dangerous to the user may be liable for any resulting damage, either property or physical injuries. Work of product liability lawyer colorado Is simple in case of strict liability case, as the injured person is not required to prove the manufacturer or seller was negligent. In order to prevail in a products liability action brought under a theory of either strict liability or negligence, product liability lawyer colorado must demonstrate that the injuries complained of were caused by a defective product whose defect existed at the time of injury.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Probate Attorneys Southern California

John and Allen meet with an accident and die in the crash. The relatives of both start the process of sharing the assets of John and Allen. Then it is realized that John took the help of the probate attorneys southern California and made a will. He listed all his stocks, cash, investments, real estate and nominated the people and the amount of share each gets, where as Allen never bothered to make a will.

The legal cases of accident are handled separately. Let us see what happens to the individual assets of John and Allen. The probate attorneys southern California start the process of probate for John�s assets.

The probate validates John�s will and appoints an executor as nominated in the will. In Allen�s case, the court appoints an administrator as there is no will. This step is to get letters of office announcing to banks etc. that they are safe in accepting the executor�s signature to handle John's accounts. So is the case with the administrator�s right to handle Allen�s accounts till the same are disbursed to the beneficiaries.

As John has made the will, probate attorneys southern California will not have much problem are getting the accounts cleared to the people indicated in the will. There could be some validity issues, but then the transfer will be smooth.

In Allen�s case, it gets complicated as all the beneficiaries and heirs have to be informed about the will. And many more land up claiming to be successors. All the claims are to be looked into carefully by the court. The probate attorneys southern California may contest a larger share for the heirs. The share of the assets and estate for the beneficiaries will be decided by the court.

In both the cases (with will or without will), the probate is designed to disburse the decedent�s assets as well as deal with any debts and taxes that the deceased owned at the time of death. Creditors can file a claim within six months from the date of notification of probate. The probate takes care of the total assets and liabilities/expenses/taxes after this period and the reminder is distributed to the legal heirs/ beneficiaries. The probate attorneys southern California say that the probate process usually takes at least seven months.

The efficient probate attorneys southern California try to reduce the period which depends on various factors. The factors include the number of bank accounts, size of the estate, time to validate the will, delay in appointing an executor, and the time taken to notify all heirs and beneficiaries.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Orange County CA Tax Attorney

As the companies grow they realize that the business problems become more complex and they need legal inputs more often. Legal does not mean criminal issues. Accounting issues may require legal inputs and legal activities may require accounting inputs. This is where orange county ca tax attorney comes to your rescue. The orange county ca tax attorney offers CPA (Certified Public Accountants) accounting services apart from various tax saving solutions with in the limits of the law.

Why attorney for accounting issues? You need to have accountants, who specialize in accounting. Accounting personnel give you the numbers, but they may not know about legal aspects. That is where orange county ca tax attorney helps you in legal work and also advises on implications of strategy.

The orange county ca tax attorney services can be availed by large corporations, small businesses or individuals. They generally customize the service offerings to meet client�s needs and provide more than one service under one roof.
This is like outsourcing your tax work to orange county ca tax attorney. Your strength is manufacturing or trading. You like to concentrate on your business. You need specialists to take care of accounting and legal issues. If you want to expand the business, have a strategy and leave the legal dimension to the attorney.

Here comes the expertise of accounting practices by orange county ca tax attorney, who helps you to maximize the your efforts and by minimizing your tax burden. The advantage of this arrangement is that he is a professional and always will be aiming to strengthen his strength.

The areas of operations of orange county ca tax attorney are: CPA Accounting Services, All Tax Services for Corporate customers, All Tax Services for Individuals, International Tax, Financial Statement Preparation, IRS Problem Resolution and Representation, Payroll , Estate Gifts and Trusts, Retirement Planning, Business Incorporation, Loan Generation and Equity Funding, Business Plan Development, Forensic Accounting, Bankruptcy, Interim Financial Management etc.

The orange county ca tax attorney also keeps abreast with the latest regulations and the best practices by other industry professionals. When you opt for the services of orange county ca tax attorney, you get the best, without having to pay a high salary for a similar person you would like to hire as employee.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Immigration Lawyer Boston Massachusetts

The Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Department of State and other agencies governing immigration have stringent rules to permit whom they think are eligible to enter USA. Their authority is final and if your Visa is rejected once, you will have more problems next time you appear for the same. It is extremely difficult for you to understand the immigration law. Hence leave that to a professional immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts. He will take care of the documentation in accordance with law and arrange for Visa. The immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts always keep themselves informed about the changing rules of immigration.

As the immigration law is complex, it is difficult for you to decide on the options available for you. The immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts can help you to understand all the options available. As the lawyer is well versed with the rules, you save lot of time in filing the application.

The immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts can prepare and file your immigration petitions. Many times it is noticed that people try to get the things done by themselves and they turn to the lawyer, if they fail to get the clearance.

You will find it difficult to solve a problem, but the immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts can talk to the concerned confidently as he knows all the rules.

The biggest nightmare is �deportation�. You leave your country and land up in an unknown country. Strangers are all around. Suddenly the immigration officers reject your entry and serve �deportation� notice. The immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts can represent your immigration litigation of deporation, if your relative in Massachusetts can contact a lawyer immediately.

An experienced immigration lawyer boston massachusetts can guide you through these deportation proceedings which are similar to a criminal or a civil litigation. If you are facing some complicated matter at a foreign consulate the immigration lawyer boston Massachusetts can advise the way it shall be done.Only the federal government can make immigration law, not state or local governments. This is done to maintain the uniformity. Hence the rules for processing an immigration case are the same in all the states.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Immigration Lawyer Burnaby

If an employer identifies a person of foreign origin with a bachelor�s degree or its equivalent and is required to execute certain work, the person is eligible to get H1B visa.

This is non-immigrant status, meaning that the person will reside in US temporarily till the job assigned to him is complete. But he can not stay beyond the H1B visa validity period. However he can apply for permanent residency and the immigration lawyer Burnaby can help him go through the process. One has to be a specialist in his area and the company indicates that this person is a good resource. The immigration lawyer Burnaby can explain the finer points to get the permanent resident status.

If you are I a hurry to get the processing faster, the immigration lawyer Burnaby may suggest you to go for a premium processing option costing an additional $1,000 in filing fees. Once the additional fee is paid, the US Immigration Service will process the application within 15 days from receipt of the application.

The immigration lawyer Burnaby explains that to apply for this visa one must have a bachelor degree or experience in the field of employment equivalent to a bachelor degree; or relevant work experience to the position offered. Even if you have qualifications, it would not help as an employer in US shall offer a job and be willing to sponsor your Visa.

H1-B visas are valid for 3 years. They can be renewed or transferred repeatedly. The immigration lawyer Burnaby remarks that the total validity can not exceed 6 years.

You can take the help of immigration lawyer Burnaby if you are an H-1 B employee and is terminated for any reason before your authorization to work in the U.S. expires. Your Employer can not charge you a penalty for leaving your employment prior to any agreed date. Your employer must pay you the required wage no later than 30 days from your entry into the U.S. Your employer is also liable for transportation costs to return to your last place of residence.

The immigration lawyer Burnaby takes care of the three major stages of visa processing.
a. Apply to State Department of Employment for approval of the prevailing wage request
b. Approval of the labor certification, form ETA 9035 by the U.S. Dept. of Labor
c. Approval of the H-1B visa application, consisting of forms: I-129, I-129 H and I-129 W
If the process is delayed in getting an employee on H1 visa, the project may get delayed. Hence it is recommended to take the help of an experienced immigration lawyer Burnaby to avoid any delay in processing.

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