Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lawyers Marbella

If you intend to do business in Marbella, you need the help of lawyers marbella to start the operations. They provide a wide range of corporate services in Marbella. The lawyers marbella can advise you on all aspects of corporate law providing expert and practical advice to manage your business in marbella.

The lawyers marbella can take care of Sale contracts, deeds, rental agreements, encumbrances, search for real estates, town-planning matters with concerned authorities and issues regarding building activities, municipal agreements, land development plans and projects, etc.

The intended business depends on the level of your investment. The lawyers marbella enable you to incorporate your Spanish company with cif number (vat) and a bank account.

The lawyers marbella take care of Registration of Spanish branches of foreign companies and take care of auditing accounts, accountancy services for Spanish companies, Spanish corporate tax and VAT.
Another specialization the lawyers marbella offer is International tax planning with emphasis on the tax holding structures and the selection of suitable tax treaties.

Apart from tax issues, lawyers marbella provide help in commercial, legal, administrative, accounting, fiscal and labour related matters and this is particularly beneficial for companies planning to set up their new commercial ventures in Marbella.

National and international banks in Marbella offer you the mortgage loans for purchasing property in Marbella. These banks appoint an independent surveyor who does a valuation exercise for the property. Based on this valuation, mortgage loans are disbursed. The lawyers marbella help in choosing a mortgage lender and also provide the information on expenses, taxes and all the terms and conditions relating to a mortgage.

If you have assets in marbella, the lawyers marbella advise you to make a will. This helps to save administrative costs and taxes to the beneficiaries. They provide you a draft of will in English so that you are clear about what is mentioned in your will.

Making a will involves some procedure to be followed. Once you clear the draft, the lawyers marbella make the final will document and then the subsequent execution with a Notary Public in Marbella as well as at the central Registry in Madrid are taken care of. The lawyers marbella provide you the complete information on wills, estate planning, Spanish Inheritance tax and its implications. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of these lawyers for your trouble free marbella venture.