Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lawyers Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca offers excellent real estate opportunities. If you ever want to own a piece of dream land in Costa Blanca, go ahead and buy it. But, if you are not from Costa blanca, you may be confused about local law. Hence you need to take the help of lawyers costa blanca. All of them know Spanish and English, which makes our life simple. The lawyers costa blanca can help you in all issues related to buying and selling real estate properties.

First thing one need to do is to hire one of the lawyers costa blanca and let them know your interest , whatever be the type of property. They will look for a property that fits your budget and the taste.

As per your instructions, lawyers costa blanca will carry out a land registry search to find the property available for sale, the owner�s details, any charges on the property and its dimensions.

If all the details of the property are in order, lawyers costa blanca will prepare a contract of sale agreement with the seller. A deposit amount need to be paid once this contract is signed by the seller. Conveyance deed is called escritura de compraventa. The complete amount has to be paid at the time of signing the conveyance deed.

The escritura has to be signed before a Costa Blanca notary. This notary is a reputed person in Costa Blanca and is authorized to authorize sales and purchases in a Public Deed. You may preferably be present in Costa for this signing procedure. Other wise you need to grant a Power of Attorney to lawyers costa blanca, who can act on your behalf.

The lawyers costa blanca always advise you to understand the tax and legal obligations of ownership of property in Costa Blanca. Once escritura is signed and you are the owner of the property. You shall take care of this property and also pay the necessary takes regularly.

You may also check the rules for building a house or a complex with the lawyers costa blanca, before you purchase the property. Suppose you buy a residential property and later decide to do build a commercial complex in the same place, by demolishing the current building. The lawyers costa blanca can let you know whether this is possible or not. If your intensions are known to them in the beginning, the lawyers would identify appropriate property for you.