Monday, October 26, 2009

Los Angeles Trip Fall Lawyer

The trip fall cases seem trivial, but sometimes they may be serious. A los angeles trip fall lawyer explains �If you have swimming pool and the visitors are not warned about the depth of the same and/or the lighting around it is not proper, some children may trip and fall over the edge, resulting in fatal injuries. You may be charged under premises liability.�

Many times the people trip and fall due to the defective floor or narrow steps. The improper placement of furniture also may result in people stumbling. When you have a party at home, ensure that the premises is free of obstacles. If you host a party in gardens, ensure that water hose systems and sprinkler systems do not make people trip over them. If you are busy hosting and ignore these safety conditions, be prepared to visit a los angeles trip fall lawyer at a later date!

The los angeles trip fall lawyer explain that the occupier of the land is responsible to maintain the premises in safe condition. If the owner of the premises has kept the occupier in dark over the unsafe conditions, then the owner will be held responsible.

When a person trips in some one else�s premises and gets injured, he has to prove that defendant created the dangerous condition that led to the accident. It must be proved that the defendant knew or should have known about the danger and failed to correct it. The los angeles trip fall lawyer can help the victim file a premises liability case.

This could be tricky if the victim does not describe clearly. If he trips on his own two feet, the los angeles trip fall lawyer can not help as one can not prove that the property occupier has not taken enough care.

The los angeles trip fall lawyer advise that when some one trips and falls, photographs of the place and the obstacle that caused the person to trip.

As per law, one needs to use reasonable care in watching where they are walking. The los angeles trip fall lawyer explains that if a particular item is in its place with some warning provided by the owner and you have tripped over that accidentally, you can not claim compensation. Also if a condition is so open and anyone using his senses can see it and avoid it, there is no reason why you can trip over that and the law will not entertain your request for the case. However, if you are injured, the los angeles trip fall lawyer can analyze the situation and advise you accordingly.