Sunday, October 25, 2009

Los Angeles Pedestrin Accident Lawyer

The statistics tell that all pedestrians are not safe. More than 60,000 pedestrians are killed and over 110,000 injured every year in U.S. The statistics also reveal that most of the casualties involve elderly people and children. The los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer takes up the cases to fight for the victims to get the compensation. When an accident happens, it is generally presumed that the vehicle driver is at fault and the pedestrian is the victim. Some times the accidents happen due to the carelessness of the pedestrians too. Hence the los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer need to study the case from all legal angles.

The drivers of vehicles have to follow the road rules strictly. It does not mean that they can intentionally hit a person who is violating the traffic rules. For example, you get a clear signal to go and you start driving the car and suddenly you notice a pedestrian crossing the road. If you slow down, the cars behind may bump into your car. You need to be alert to avoid hitting the pedestrian as well as getting hit yourself by other vehicles. In this confusion, you may land up hitting some other unintentionally. This is when you need los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer.

The los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer observes that some of the most common factors that contribute to driver negligence are: an inattentive or pre-occupied driver or a driver's failure to observe speed limits or a driver negligently turning at an intersection etc

Similarly, the los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer observes the most common factors contributing to pedestrian negligence are pedestrians who ignore the signal, pedestrians who enter a stream of traffic suddenly, Impaired pedestrians etc.

The insurance company is generally very aggressive and arrives at the accident spot immediately. They may show you the best courtesy and try to close the case by offering out of court settlement. Do not be surprised if they record your statement to their advantage and blame you for the accident. Hence if you are a pedestrian and are involved in an accident, contact los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer, who will advise you what is to be done. Do not give any statements. Note down the driver�s details, vehicle details, time and place of the accident and take the photographs if possible. The los angeles pedestrin accident lawyer can take up further and see that you are compensated well for the injuries from the pedestrian accident.