Friday, October 16, 2009

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Mr Henry Bliss, a 68 year old man, came across the car driven by Mr Arthur smith on 13th September 1899 at Central Park West and 74th street. Mr Bliss died in Roosevelt hospital. This is probably first ever recorded pedestrian accident where a person was killed. In 1909, a 13 year old boy was killed when the automobile driven by William Darragh who was arrested in Texas. William darragh was sentenced to 20 years in prison. And perhaps he is the first person to be given a sentence for a death of pedestrian in an automobile accident. Since then lawyers are fighting so many cases and las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer is no exception. As the technology improved, more and more powerful automobiles are coming on to the roads. And some times the drivers may be negligent and involve in an accident, injuring or killing some one. It is las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer, who is committed to bring justice to the victims.

As per the statistics, 11% of the reported automobile crashes involve hit-and-run drivers and 60% of the people killed in the hit-and-run cases are pedestrians. 4,827 pedestrians were killed by vehicles in 2003. And 51,989 have died between 199-2003! This keeps las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer busy.

The pedestrian accident may be caused by a reckless driver or drunken driver. Some times the accidents may happen due to the carelessness of the pedestrian too. When Las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer is hired by the victim, he analyzes the accident location, circumstances and the possible cause.

Las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer always insist on taking photographs of the victim, the injury in the accident spot. They also advise them not to give any statement.

You may be an innocent victim or the one caused the accident where a pedestrian is involved. Either way, you may contact a las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer to look into your case. If you are the victim, he will arrange for the compensation. If you are the driver, las vegas pedestrian accident lawyer checks if there is any mistake on part of the pedestrian, who might have violated the traffic rules or was intoxicated. He also looks into the details like signal malfunction or brake failure or equipment malfunction. He is the only one who can try to convince the judges /Jury that you are innocent and have no criminal intentions to kill.