Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illinois Criminal Law Attorney

You will not be arrested unless you have broken the law. If you follow the law /rules you need not worry about getting arrested. But one shall know what their rights are. If you are arrested, you will know when to call illinois criminal law attorney for your help. Police have to read out a statement before arresting. You are allowed to call your illinois criminal law attorney once the police complete their formalities.

The illinois criminal law attorney explains that the basic rights of a citizen under arrest are stated in the Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments of the "Bill of Rights" of the United States Constitution. As per law, a police Officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff or state trooper can arrest you, if they are convinced and have a proof that you violated Law. Generally they come with an arrest warrant. However if they feel that you committed a crime in the presence of the police officer, they can arrest you without a warrant,. When it happens, either you or your family members may inform your illinois criminal law attorney.

When some one complains against you and the charges are serious, the police apply for a warrant. Warrant is an order describing the person to be arrested and the charge made. Once this is signed by a magistrate or judge, the law enforcement officers of the state can arrest the person named in the complaint. Once the arrest is done, the arrested person has to be brought before the Court issuing the warrant. Yu can opt for your own illinois criminal law attorney to represent you. If you can not afford m the court can assign a lawyer for you.

Even if you are innocent, do not resist, when being arrested by a law enforcement officer. The officer has his reasons and your argument may not satisfy him. Hence cooperate with them and inform your illinois criminal law attorney, who will do the talking for you.

When you resist the arrest, the law enforcement officer will presume that you are guilty of crime and will take more stringent action to arrest you. However, if you cooperate and are illegally arrested, illinois criminal law attorney may recommend you file a case against the law enforcement officer for false arrest. Never resist a law officer's attempt to search or frisk you. The law enforcement officer is legally allowed to search a person and the area in the arrested person�s presence. If you have more doubts, as your illinois criminal law attorney for details.