Friday, September 25, 2009

Houston DWI Lawyer

You enjoy your party in Houson with lot of drinks and on the way home the police officer stops you. He is convinced that you are drunk and charges you with �driving under the influence of alcohol� (DUI) or �driving while intoxicated� (DWI). You better call your Houston dwi lawyer as soon as possible. You can represent yourself. But it may not be good idea. Law is not your strength. Hence let the houston dwi lawyer, who is a professional, handle the job for you.

"Drunk driving" is a very complex with harsh consequences. DWI case deals with complicated procedures, evidences, analysis, sentencing and license cancellation issues. A qualified houston dwi lawyer studies the case carefully for defects in the case, evidence and advises you on all the issues related to the case.

Do not compromise on finding a good lawyer. If you are critical, would you got to a specialist doctor or any one who is just available? As you would not compromise with your health, you shall not ignore to hire a best houston dwi lawyer.
If you do not know who is the best houston dwi lawyer, ask your friends or check with the bailiffs or clerks in the local courthouse. When you meet with the attorney, make sure that he has extensive experience and reputation in DUI/DWI litigation and clear financial terms.

How much a houston dwi lawyer costs you ? It depends on the reputation of the lawyer as well as other charges. A general practitioner in a small community may charge only $400- $500 and a DUI/DWI specialist with a national reputation may charge $7000 and above. Additional charges could be for administrative license suspension procedure, witness fees, independent blood analysis, service of subpoenas.

Punishment for drunk driving depends on various factors. A first offense may involve a fine, a license suspension or restriction, attendance at a DUI education course for a period of time, and probation for perhaps three years. The best houston dwi lawyer will try to see that you are cleared of all the charges. Else he sees that you undergo minimum penalty and also ensure that your driving license is not cancelled. If you are charged against DWI second time , you are in for more trouble as you may land up in jail for a short period in addition to involvement in community service and/or impounding of the vehicle. Hence it important to hire a good a houston dwi lawyer whenever you are booked under DUI/DWI.