Monday, September 21, 2009

Houston Criminal Lawyer

A crime is a wrong committed by a person against a state or the federal government. The state or federal government, acting as the people's representative, prosecutes the crime. Punishment for a crime can be imprisonment, fine, restitution, or any other penalty. If you are ever arrested for a crime in Houston, do not delay in approaching a Houston criminal lawyer. You have the right to know what are the charges.The police have a right to complete their formalities of booking procedure before you are allowed to communicate with others.You have the right to contact your Houston criminal lawyer by telephone or call a family member as soon as you are brought to the police station after the Police complete their formalitites to charge.

Once the charges are framed, there are many stages of the case. First stage is - Investigation. During this stage, Government agents investigate to develop evidence against the person. The houston criminal lawyer acts as a liaison between the accused and the government and tries to prevent the accused from incriminating himself.

Next stage is - Formal charge. Here the prosecutor files an indictment or a complaint with a court. It is the responsibility of Houston criminal lawyer to explain why formal charges are not appropriate. He shall explain to the prosecutor and the Jury and try to prevent indictment.

Judge is the authority to set the bail. Houston criminal lawyer tries to get reasonable bail set, assist the accused in taking care of bail procedures and getting released.

Pretrial proceedings and Trials are important and very critical and only experienced Houston criminal lawyer shall be hired to fight the case . In this stage the lawyer shall present all evidence that might suggest or prove that the accused is not guilty. If this is not properly, it may be late.

Judge declares verdict sentencing the accused and decides the punishment. Experienced houston criminal lawyer tries to minimize the punishment. If the case is won by the accused, the prosecutors may file a case again. Appeal Court of appeals decides if trial judge made any mistake in the trial. The Houston criminal lawyer shall try to win a new trial and a judgment of acquittal, freeing the accused of all criminal charges.