Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hawaii Truck Accident Lawyers

500,000 trucking accidents and 5,000 fatalities in trucking accidents every year in the United States � tells the story and the seriousness of truck accidents. The log of truck driver is likely to be destroyed after six months. Hence hawaii truck accident lawyers need to obtain a court order immediately following the trucking accident. In case of an accident, the insurance company may tempt you with 'good' offer. But you will know that it could be better had you consulted one of the experienced hawaii truck accident lawyers, who will fight for your legal rights.

If you get involved in a Hawaii truck accident, you have to document the events surrounding the accident, observations, photos, eyewitness accounts, driver details, insurance details, any first aid given by any doctor at accident site etc. Take photographs of the accident, vehicles involved, road, injuries and all that you think is involved in accident. Contact one of the experienced hawaii truck accident lawyers to see if you can file a case for compensation.

The hawaii truck accident lawyers consider the following as the causes for truck accidents: 1. Road conditions, 2. weather conditions 3. Truck Driver Drug usage, 4. Driving Under influence of alcohol, 5. Truck Driver Fatigue, 6. Brake failure, 7. Truck Driver Errors, 8. Hauling Heavy Loads etc. Hence the lawyers have to analyze the accident and categorize the case as required.

While analyzing the truck accident case, the hawaii truck accident lawyers investigate the following for compliance: Hours of service regulations, qualifications of driver, driver's driving history, hazardous materials transportation and safety, proper documentation, proper vehicle heights to prevent underride, drug and alcohol testing, proper markings, signs and signals etc.

Some times, the hawaii truck accident lawyers retain accident construction engineers and trucking safety experts to evaluate and analyze the facts and data obtained.

Generally the companies operating trucks, tractor trailers or semi trucks carry significant amount of insurance coverage. The hawaii truck accident lawyers check whether the company that owns the truck is carrying the required liability insurance coverage and how much compensation is possible for the victim. The hawaii truck accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that they collect their fees only if they win your case. The contingency fees may be between 33 1/3 % to 40% range.