Monday, September 7, 2009

Green Card Lawyer Burnaby

Working in America is a dream for many foreigners. People come to US in as many different ways as possible. Every one aims to get the Green Card at the earliest to become a permanent resident of USA. There are five major categories of green cards and several sub-categories under each category. The green card lawyer Burnaby is a specialist and many companies avail their services to help their employees get the green card, so that their H or B type Visas need not be renewed regularly. The process of getting a green card can take several years, depending on the type of green card for which one qualifies. The green card lawyer Burnaby can speed up the process by taking care of documentation etc.

Employment-related green card is very difficult as current law allows 140,000 such cards to be issued each year. And it all depends on the experience of the green card lawyer Burnaby.

Green cards are issued in the following categories: 1) family based green card. 2) Employment based green card, 3) Green card Lottery, 4) Investor based green card; apart from a few more. Hence, if you are already in US and want to become a permanent resident, approach green card lawyer Burnaby.

First preference is for priority workers, who are persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, multinational executives and managers. The green card lawyer Burnaby can help these category people to get green cards reasonably easy. Where as are for other categories, there are thousands of people out there waiting to become residents for a long time.

As there are many categories of green cards and the sub-categories within each one, it may be difficult for you to find where you stand and how to get the Green card. Once you discuss your case with the experienced green card lawyer Burnaby, helps you determine which card you can get. Once this is zeroed in, you need to take care of lot of paper work. And your green card lawyer Burnaby takes care of this and it will be worth hiring a lawyer as you can save years of waiting to get the green card.