Sunday, September 6, 2009

Federal Criminal Lawyer Rhode Island

White collar offenses, cyber crimes, mail fraud, money laundering offenses come under Federal and State Criminal cases. Let us see how federal criminal lawyer rhode island can help us in computer related federal crimes. We see computers everywhere and many businesses use software to make the processing easier. As the processes becomes easier, programming gets tougher. And the federal criminal lawyer rhode island need to know all about computers and programming.

The computer savvy culprits have increased in recent years. Most famous being Nigerian "4-1-9 scams". In this you get an email informing that this person has large amount of money and wants to move out of his country. He requests you to help him transfer his money to you and he can part away as much as 40 percent to you for helping. He requests you for your bank details and then asks you to pay small amount to get the transaction cleared in customs etc. The federal criminal lawyer rhode island notes that greed is the cause for falling pray to these schemes.

Another crime is Identity theft. The federal criminal lawyer rhode island advises people to be careful in this kind theft. The culprits try to use of someone else's personal information without their permission to gain access to the victim�s data. The information may include Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers.

How people can steal your information? The most common identity theft is bank account and credit card accounts. You may get a mail from �your bank� informing that due to security reasons, your passwords are being verified or to change the passwords for better safety of your account. The mail looks genuine and the content may be from the bank�s website. Unsuspecting users may fill in their username, account passwords. Then the system will say thanks for taking care of your account. But they already got your ID and password. The federal criminal lawyer rhode island says, that is sufficient for them to transfer from your account to their accounts.

Another disgusting federal crime is Child Pornography. The pornography sites are allover the internet and new sites keep getting launched everyday. The federal criminal lawyer rhode island says, child pornography is illegal all over the world. Federal law (18 U.S.C.A. �2256) defines child pornography as a visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct that involves a minor. This must be stopped by all means. If you ever come across some one dealing with Child pornography, contact The federal criminal lawyer rhode island, who can get the culprit to the justice.