Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DWI Texas Lawyer

You always think it is unfair, when you get arrested for driving while intoxicated(DWI). And you need a dwi texas lawyer to protect your rights and fight your case. He will ensure that you are treated fairly and properly by the police and the concerned.

You are probably angry or feeling confused and are afraid that you may have to spend time in some jail. The very idea of being arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and spending a night in the jail are probably the biggest nightmares, one would go through on the arrest. Your dwi texas lawyer understands all this and sympathizes with you.

An inexperienced lawyer may damage your chances of saving you from the punishment. Your insurance company may not help you. The premium may go up or may be cancelled. Worst of all you may have to spend some time in jail. Hence hiring the right dwi texas lawyer is important.

There are more than 15 possible challenges that can be made to the charges drawn by police. The right dwi texas lawyer can raise the applicable challenges in your defense. He will also fill out the forms or talk to the District Attorney and also fight the case.

Main objective of the dwi texas lawyer will be to clear you of all the charges and ensure your driving license is not cancelled. The District Attorney will try to use all legal points to see that you are convicted. You are in trouble if the prosecutor proves that you were not able to drive your car safely after drinking or that your blood alcohol exceeded a certain limit.

The right dwi texas lawyer knows how to guide you through the complexities of the case. He will ensure that the District Attorney provides you with the name and address of all the pesons who may be called as witnesses and the copies of all statements of their testimony. The dwi texas lawyer also explores the possibilities of any information or material that would show that you are not guilty or prove that the equipment was not functioning properly or the person operating is not qualified to ensure your freedom to drive again.