Saturday, July 4, 2009

Federal Criminal Lawyer Massachusetts

Federal and State Criminal cases involve individuals accused of white collar offenses, cyber crimes, mail fraud, money laundering offenses, homicide, narcotic violations, firearm crimes as well as all major felonies. You can find federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts for each of these specializations. These cases are very tricky and one needs to be very knowledgeable in the areas they cover. For example, federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts dealing with cyber crime must know all about computers, networks, virus and hacking.

Well educated professionals with good knowledge of their line of business some times involve in criminal activities. There is no force used and the victim is not physically hurt. These are called white collar crimes. The culprits utilize their professional advantage illegally to deceit people to make money or obtain property etc. A federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts explains that in some cases, businesses or corporations may be found guilty of white collar crimes and cheat either individuals or other companies.

These white collar crimes involve lengthy investigations and may cross state or even international boundaries. Hence the federal government is in a better position to investigate and prosecute white-collar crimes. Therefore the federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts must be very experienced to handle white collar crimes.

Another federal crime handled by federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts is mail
fraud that involves an activity including concealment, dishonesty, trickery, deception through the use of the Governmental postal services Mail or a private mail service or courier company.

To convict an individual or a business, the federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts must prove that they have indulged in mail fraud have knowingly created a plan to defraud.

Internet changed the way we live and everything is being computerized. The federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts has to become computer savvy to deal with crime related to computers. There are some expert programmers who write a small computer program which is programmed to self transmit based on emails or when some one downloads a software etc. This is computer virus and can alter or damage the data on your Computer. And this comes under Federal law that makes it a crime to cause the transmission of a program, information, code, or command that causes more than $5000 damages. The federal criminal lawyer Massachusetts shall be able to assess the damage done to a computer or a network of computers. Else they may take help from specialists in the anti-virus activities.