Thursday, July 9, 2009

Electricution Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

Ever felt a JOLT OF SEVERAL KILOVOLTS of electricity right down your spine. If you have been in such a situation then you could be a possible victim of electrocution. This kind of an accident can prove to be very hazardous. Some time the electrocution may result in deaths. The electricution accident lawyers los angeles advise people to be careful if they are dealing with high voltages. The electricution accident lawyers los angeles also specialize in Electrical engineering concepts and can help you file a case on your behalf if you are involved in as electrocution accident.

Handling a case of electrocution could be tricky as there are cases where they may be no person at fault for the electrocution of the individual. There are two possible cases of electrocution, one is due to nature where a person could get electrocuted due to lightning and here in such cases the electricution accident lawyers los angeles can help the victim or his family receive the insurance. The other case is where a person can get electrocuted due to negligence of a certain individual or a maintenance company. An electrocution may also occur if an underground cable is left unattended. In such cases the electricution accident lawyers los angeles will take up the case against the people who are responsible for the maintenance of the Electrical system.

A person was hired to remove scrap metal from the premises owned by a defendant. While clearing the scrap, he came in contact with a 34,000 volt electrical transformer. He was electrocuted and suffered third degree burns. He succumbed to the injuries. The victim was wrongfully informed by the defendant that all the electrical systems are disconnected. The court found the defendant guilty and compensation was awarded to the victim’s family.

The electricution accident lawyers los angeles have to work very skillfully in this kind of cases as there is no proof that the victim was told about the electrical system or not. The defendant can always claim that it was the mistake of the victim. However, the electrocution occurred in the owner’s premises, he may be held responsible. So it is best advised that if you are a victim of such an accident then contact an experienced electricution accident lawyers los angeles to receive the monetary compensation.