Sunday, July 5, 2009

DWI Lawyer Rhode Island

If you are ever stopped by the police officer and charges you with driving while intoxicated (DWI), he shall have enough evidence to prove it. Intoxication is not enough. He must prove that the level is above legal limits. If you hire dwi lawyer rhode island, he will look into the possibility of wrong reading/calibration of equipment and the police officer’s authority to stop. If you are stopped at a sobriety roadblock and you are found intoxicated, dwi lawyer rhode island has to find alternative arguments.

When you applied for driving license you have already signed an Implied consent, it is your willingness to take the chemical tests as required. However if you refuse the test, they may not insist. But even the dwi lawyer rhode island can not help when your license is suspended for some period.

One can not involve dwi lawyer rhode island till the police complete their formalities of booking. Once the charges ar framed, you can contact your lawyer and he then starts looking into all the aspects of the case. He may question the circumstances under which the police officer administered the test, type of test and its result etc. He may also call in some witness who can testify that the defendant was appeared to be sober.

The dwi lawyer rhode island takes up Blood-alcohol concentration seriously. Different type of tests and their analysis can be argued in cross-examination of the state's expert witness or your lawyer can avail services of forensic chemist.

Interestingly, alcohol effect also may be a tricky issue. The dwi lawyer rhode island is aware that it takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to actually show the effect. The timing also depends on the amount of food consumed.

If you are booked second time on DWI charges, be prepared to cool your heels in the jail. And if the charges are serious, you may be penalized additionally to involve community service, ignition interlock devices and/or impounding of the vehicle. The dwi lawyer rhode island in a small community may charge only $500-1000 but a reputed specialist dwi lawyer rhode island may charge up to $15,000 or more, depending on the facts. That should take away all the fun you had over drinks!