Monday, June 29, 2009

DWI Attorney Rhode Island

You had a nice party over the weekend. You had some drinks , dancing and great fun. You pull out your car and start driving home. You drive barely few miles and a police officer stops you and books you under driving while intoxicated (DWI). You thought your driving is perfect despite drinks. But the Police officer may not agree. They are trained to notice drivers under influence of alcohol. The dwi attorney rhode island explains you later that you might have been stopping suddenly or swaying or signaling inconsistent with driving actions. Hence the only thing you can do is to let the police complete their formalities and then contact dwi attorney rhode island to help you out from this mess.

The police officers do not stop the drivers unless they notice some situation that indicates that the driver is under dwi. They are convinced that a person is drunk, if they notice you turning with a wide radius, or striking (or almost striking) an object or another vehicle, or stopping without reason or driving in the night without headlights on etc. Once you are asked to stop, do not speed away as you will be asking for more trouble. And dwi attorney rhode island may not like to handle where one is involved in hot chase by police.

When a police officer stops, you may just politely request permission to call your dwi attorney rhode island. Your explanation that you just had a couple of beers is not going to help. Once you are asked to take the sobriety test, you may have to undergo the same, as you have signed the undertaking while obtaining the driving test.

If you want to skip the sobriety test, you can refuse so. But it will call for cancellation of your driving license for three or six months. Your dwi attorney rhode island can argue that the reasons for not taking the test are some thing else. But it may really help in revoking the license once you refuse the sobriety test and got your license cancelled.

If you want you can handle your own case, but it is not recommended. You must hire a dwi attorney rhode island, who is an expert in the field and can review the case for defects, calibration and maintenance records of the breath machine, have blood samples independently analyzed second time and probably negotiate for a lesser charges. Let the dwi attorney rhode island handle where he is strong at.