Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dupage Divorce Attorney

There could many issues like ego or non-compatibility between the spouses that may lead to divorce. There are attorneys operating from of Illinois covering DuPage, Will etc in the Areas of family law and bankruptcy, If you are in dupage, you can approach a dupage divorce attorney for filing a divorce case as it is easier to reach him.

Divorce laws are complex if children and property are involved. Hence it is important to hire an experienced dupage divorce attorney who will handle your case personally from start to finish. He will also educate you on the best options available for you. If you have decided to for divorce, it helps to know all about divorce law and process in Dupage.

A divorce is terminating a marriage contract between the spouses. Once legally divorced, the couple’s assets and debts are divided, children custody is decided and each person is legally allowed to marry some one else. Illinois has a clause “No Fault Added to Traditional”. No fault divorce is a marital termination proceeding where the divorce is granted without either party being required to show fault. Hence your dupage divorce attorney can advise you to honorably settle the divorce.

Dupage divorce attorney also addresses the some basic issues like Alimony or spousal support, Property division, Custody and support of children, which must be resolved in case of divorce. If both the parties agree to all these issues in writing, they may be granted an uncontested divorce.

If any one of the spouses contests the divorce, the couple may proceed through all phases of litigation including trial before a family court judge. The couple has the options of seeking alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation or collaborative divorce as advised by the dupage divorce attorney. Alimony is often the most difficult issue to be successfully resolved in a divorce.

The dupage divorce attorney is not directly involved in Mediation. Mediation is less stressful for divorcing couples and their children. In this process, the couple works with a trained mediator to reach agreement on contested issues. Contact dupage divorce attorney regarding Collaborative divorce, which is a relatively new divorce process that requires an up front commitment to resolving disputes by negotiation, compromise and agreement.