Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brain Injury Attorney Savannah Georgia

As per Brain Injury association of America, 1.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) annually, 50000 die annually due to TBI and 5.3 million Americans currently are living with disabilities resulting from TBI. The cost of TBI in the U.S. is estimated at $48.3 billion per year. As per a brain injury attorney savannah Georgia, brain injuries can be classified into Severe TBI, Moderate TBI and Mild TBI. Fighting Brain injury cases is a very long drawn process and you need to hire a very experienced and specialized brain injury attorney savannah Georgia who has good grasp of brain related problems to handle brain injury case.

In case of an accident, the victim may receive blow on head hard enough to cause the brain to move within the skull. Or some times the skull may be fractured and brain gets damaged directly. Either way, the brain injury attorney savannah Georgia explains the chances of brain injury are very high in this case.

Many become victims due to motor vehicle crashes, sports, and physical violence. Irrespective of the cause, the victim or the relatives of the victims can consult brain injury attorney savannah Georgia to get the much required high cost medical treatment.

Another type of brain injury is shaken baby syndrome. A rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head may force the brain to move inside the skull. This also happens in case of high speed car crashes. The experienced brain injury attorney savannah Georgia knows how to classify the case after consulting the victim’s doctors.

Many times when people get involved in accident, they may fall down or get hit on the head etc. If there is no visible injury, they may presume that there is no problem and brush away the need for medical check up. Brain injury may not be visible to the naked eye, and while you think nothing happened, some damage may have happened. That is why brain injury attorney savannah Georgia advises you not to talk to any one till your attorney has clear idea of the case. If there has been an injury to the head, do not brush off. Get your self scanned. If you experience Nausea or head ache, you must consult a specialist. Vomiting is another symptom for brain injury. Do not settle for the insurance company’s bait. Your brain injury attorney savannah Georgia will help you get the best medical support with the compensation from the person who caused the accident.