Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Criminal Lawyer Rhode Island

Rhode Island had an estimated population of 1,048,319 in 2000, which ranked the state 43rd in population. For that year the State of Rhode Island had a total Crime Index of 3,476.4 reported incidents per 100,000 people. Thanks to criminal lawyer rhode island, Rhode island was ranked low in the total Crime Index of United States. It indicates that the criminal lawyer rhode island make living in Rhode island better.

Highest crime in Rhode island is reported in property issues. 33,323 cases were reported and criminal lawyer rhode island specializing in real estate seem to be getting busy as ever.

The theft cases have become a nuisance increasingly with 22,038 cases (apart from 6620 burglaries, 4665 vehicle thefts and 922 robberies) reported in 2000. These could be small thefts. In these kind of cases, criminal lawyer rhode island may not have much role to play unless the person charged with theft has requested for the lawyer’s help.

Violent crime of 3121 cases were reported in 2000 and this is 297.7 per 100,000 people in Rhode island. In these cases, criminal lawyer rhode island fights hard to see that the victims are legally compensated.

There were 412 rape cases and 45 murder cases in 2000. Either you are a victim of rape or attempt to rape or any of your family was a victim, contact the criminal lawyer rhode island, so that a case may be filed on the offenders, so that the offenders do not go unpunished.

There are chances that a fraud may be committed in handling federal and/or federally funded entitlement programs, including public housing, agricultural programs. Others being defense procurement fraud or educational programs etc. Only the experienced criminal lawyer rhode island can take up these cases as they relate to federal government contracting. Investigations often involve bribery in contracts or procurement and collusion among contractors. The criminal lawyer rhode island need to collect enough evidence in case of cases involving false or double billing, false certification of the quality of parts or of test results etc. Thanks to the effective administration and etical lawyers, the crime rate is low and rhode island ranks 33rd in highest total Crime Index.