Friday, January 11, 2008

Colorado Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Do you know that more than 5,000 pedestrians are killed and more than 85,000 are injured every year? One can take the help of an experienced colorado pedestrian accident attorney to claim compensation. The case could arise due to the fact that a pedestrian is killed due to rash and negligent driver or because of the mistake of the pedestrian crossing the road without heeding to the traffic signals. In either case, colorado pedestrian accident attorney will analyze carefully to see if can claim the compensation for the victim.

As the statistics go, a pedestrian is killed or injured about every 6 minutes. Another statistics say that 13-14 pedestrians are killed every day. Are all these victims filing cases for compensation? Some death may go un-noticed or untraceable in some hit-and-run cases. If the near and dear of the deceased victim file a case through the colorado pedestrian accident attorney, atleast some cases come under trial and they drunken divers may be brought to justice.

A colorado pedestrian accident attorney can represent the victims either working adults or older persons or children. It is reported that 60% of the pedestrian death involve working adults, 23% elderly persons above 65 years and 17% are children.

How does alcohol affect the deaths? As indicated earlier, the accident could be due the mistake of driver or the pedestrian. It is reported that 47 percent of the traffic crashes that resulted in pedestrian fatalities were due to the personal consumption of alcohol either by the driver or the pedestrian. If the pedestrian dies due to the drunken driver, it is easier for the colorado pedestrian accident attorney to fight the case on behalf of the victim.

If he pedestrian was drunk and had violated the traffic signals, colorado pedestrian accident attorney can possibly try to get the insurance money at the most and may not be able to make a strong case against the driver. It was reported that of the pedestrians involved, 31 percent were intoxicated. Interestingly, it was reported that in 5 percent of the crashes, both the driver and the pedestrian were intoxicated. This is an interesting case as each side would hire a colorado pedestrian accident attorney to fight their case.