Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Colorado Malpractice Lawyers

Every professional is expected to follow the ethics of his/her profession. It is often noticed that the service rendered are not up to the expectations. In colorado malpractice lawyers help you to get justice if you think you are a victim due to someone’s negligence. If you suffered due to negligence of a doctor, you may approach your colorado malpractice lawyer for filing a case against the Doctor.

“Malpractice" is not associated only with medical doctors. Health care providers, such as chiropractors, therapists, nurses, psychologists, and dentists who may also be sued for medical malpractice with the help of colorado malpractice lawyers.

Colorado malpractice lawyers help medical malpractice victims get the right to hold negligent physician or employees, even if their employer is immune from being sued.

The cases where you can approach Colorado malpractice lawyers are birth-related injuries, wrongful death cases, emergency room malpractice, misdiagnosis or late diagnosis, failure to properly diagnose cancer, nursing malpractice, surgical malpractice, lack of proper informed, consent, surgical errors, incorrect administration of medication, medical device failure. There are lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice law. And there are some lawyers who have subspecialties of practice like focusing on surgical errors, misdiagnosis, or birth trauma cases.

Colorado does not limit attorney fees for colorado malpractice lawyers. Colorado malpractice lawyers can fight your case under Colorado law but the award of non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases may not exceed $300,000.00. The total award of damages may not exceed $1 million.

One must file a medical malpractice case within 2 years from the date the injury. If a five year old child is injured by malpractice, colorado malpractice lawyers must file a claim by his or her seventh birthday.

Malpractice lawsuits are generally defended fiercely by well-funded or popular defense firms on behalf of the doctors or the healthcare institutions. Hence it is important to find colorado malpractice lawyers who are reasonable and can help you in fighting the case with conviction. Medical malpractice lawsuits are generally expensive to pursue. As the medical malpractice law is highly technical, the colorado malpractice lawyers are expected to be conversant with medical issues and terminology.