Monday, January 7, 2008

Colorado Dog Attack Lawyer

You love pets. You have lot of dogs and cats in your home. Fine. It is not enough if you own a pet and care for it. It is your duty to ensure that your pet does not harm any one. It is also better if you keep in touch with a colorado dog attack lawyer who can explain you the legal problems in case your pet dog bites any one. Ensure that this colorado dog attack lawyer is experienced and is well conversed with Colorado law.

Colorado law says “ The owner of a dog who, through any act or omission, negligently permits his or her dog to bite a person, service dog, guide dog or hearing dog causing physical injury shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed four hundred dollars in addition to any other applicable penalties” . But it may not be only four hundred dollars. If the victim hires a good colorado dog attack lawyer, you may need to pay lot of money as compensation.

Generally an experienced colorado dog attack lawyer knows which breed of dogs are most likely to bite. The breeds identified are Pit bulls, Rottweilers, German shepherds, Huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Doberman pinschers, Chows, Great Danes, Saint Bernards and Akitas. Hence, if you own any one of the above, take more care so that your pet does not break free and bite some one.

Many dog owners feel that their dog has the best behavior or is very small and can not harm anyone. However, more than one colorado dog attack lawyer is fighting cases involving dog bite attacks with smaller dogs such as the case involving a family Pomeranian dog.

It is important to find a skilled and qualified colorado dog attack lawyer, who can aggressively represent your case. Ensure that the lawyer:1.has handled similar case successfully.2.Is up to date with the current law?3.Is able to answer your questions quickly without referring books.

Dog bite can not be brushed off lightly. Some people who have been involved in a Dog Bite may suffer from severe injuries and emotional distress. One needs to under go medical treatment immediately ,if bitten by a dog. Take care of the first aid and approach an experienced colorado dog attack lawyer, who can advise you regarding the proof to be retained and preserved. Some times the treatment can prolong for a longer periods and and colorado dog attack lawyer may be able to recover significant monetary compensation on your behalf.