Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chicago Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a dreaded word that can affect more than one person. It can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences that you may have to go through. If you are not compatible, it is better to separate respectfully as friends. A chicago divorce attorney can understand the issues related with divorce. He will treat you with care, compassion and sensitivity. chicago divorce attorney is known to protect your confidentiality and privacy.

Before you decide on divorce you may try ‘Mediation’, which is a voluntary process through a mediator to resolve the issues of the divorce. The mediator is a neutral party who is not a decision maker. If this does not work, you need to approach a chicago divorce attorney for divorce.

chicago divorce attorney works with you to find the best solution for you and your family. In a divorce, creating a paper trail is very important. You should try to obtain as much documentation regarding income and assets as possible.

Obtain the following documents and take along with you to your chicago divorce attorney for initial consultation:

• Tax returns for the last five years
• Pay stubs & Bank statements
• Pension, retirement and IRA statements
• Investment portfolios
• Deeds, mortgage and any other documents relating to any property
• Will and trust documents
• Charge card or loan statements
• A copy of any marital agreement you may have entered into

If a person find himself/herself in a relationship in which he/she is the victim of domestic violence or that his/her safety is being threatened, one can apply for emergency order protection. There are many types of temporary and long-term orders for protection that the courts can issue. Chicago divorce attorney can evaluate the situation correctly and help him/her take the action that will allow protection and relief.

Chicago divorce attorney works with an experienced network of estate and financial planning experts to evaluate the assets. He also calculates the relevant financial factors, including evaluation of property, debts, mortgages, pensions, deferred compensation, real estate holdings and tax implications.

After the chicago divorce attorney helps you to file the petition, it is placed with a process server - a court-appointed official for service upon the Respondent. After the Respondent has received the papers, the law provides a specific time during which they may respond to your petition. This period may be extended by the court or by agreement between your Chicago divorce attorney and your spouse’s attorney.