Friday, January 4, 2008

Chemical Exposure Savannah Georgia Attorney

Thousands of people working in factories dealing with chemicals are exposed to various health problems. Some time the work environment may not be dealing with chemicals directly, but fumes from a manufacturing process could be hazardous. The manufacturing companies come under strict regulations from Federal government and the safety of the people is given utmost importance. A chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney observed that cleaning solvents, dry cleaning solvents, spray paints, paint removers, dyes, fuel such as gasoline and kerosene, degreasers and lubricants cause the potential problems. A chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney takes up the case in case the operator has become victim of chemicals while on duty.

Welders face harmful exposure to Manganese, a toxin,that can damage the brain. Welders work long hours in heat and the fumes. They need to wear protective glasses and gloves. The chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney checks whether the safety rules were followed while handling the welding.

An experienced chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney knows that the manganese poisoning results in a disease similar to parkinsons disease. Some of the symptoms associated with manganese poisoning include -Decreased movement, Tremors, shakiness/loss of balance, Slowed or slurred speech, short term memory loss etc.Skin, eyes, nose and throat are generally the first to get affected in case of chemical exposure.The toxic substances may also enter the body and travel in the bloodstream to the internal organs or brain. The internal organs that tend to get affected are the liver, kidneys, heart, nervous system, reproductive system.

The chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney observe that the toxic materials need not be liquids and can take the form of solids, liquids, gases, vapors, dusts, fumes, fibers and mists. Hence proving chemical accident is a very difficult one. Only experienced chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney can argue how a substance got into the body and what damage it caused to the victim.

The chemical accidents also happen as people inhale dust or fumes. Fumes may be hazardous because they can be inhaled into the respiratory tract. The nose can trap some larger particles of dust. But the smaller particles can reach and damage the lungs. You must meet the chemical exposure savannah georgia attorney for his expert advice.