Tuesday, January 1, 2008

CA Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate is probably the single largest investment one will ever make. You may be investing your saving and/or taking loans to buy a property. Lot of documents are to be looked into before deciding to buy. Hence if you are buying a property in California, consult any of the ca real estate attorneys. You may be good in negotiations, but the ca real estate attorneys may know the actual value and negotiate better for you, as they are experts in the field.

If you are interested in a property, either you or your ca real estate attorneys may inspect the property before you agree to buy it. When you decide on a property to be purchased, you need to make an offer. The offer must be in writing and clearly set forth the important elements like price, financing, inspections, down payments, repairs, etc.

Your ca real estate attorneys will draft the same and also set the date and time by which the seller may have to accept the offer and the "Closing Date", by which everything must be done to transfer ownership of the property to you. Purchase agreements provide you with conditional approval of a home inspection report. In California, sellers have a duty to disclose known defects of the buyer.

The seller shall read the offer document carefully and check whether all the terms and conditions are acceptable. If every thing is in order, the seller shall sign the document and handover to you. If there are any point that are required to be changed, the same shall be discussed with ca real estate attorneys and the seller to redraft the document.

Title of the property is usually kept at the County Recorder's Office. This document is recorded and/or updated with all the transactions/information like loans, easements, leases, etc. Hence the ca real estate attorneys insist and check the titles to find out the name of the current owner of the property, the legal description of the property, claims, liabilities or any trust deeds attached to the property.

And you would certainly want to obtain clear title to the property, which is free of liens, unpaid taxes etc. Hence the ca real estate attorneys insist that, it is necessary to have all the claims, liabilities and charges against the seller's title be removed before title is transferred to you. A title insurance company can investigate the title and assist the removal of liens for a fee. The ca real estate attorneys can coordinate all these for you to enable you to enjoy your dream property.