Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boston Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

If you ever meet with an accident do you need a lawyer? No. You can negotiate with the insurance companies. But you can not get the best deal as you can not threaten to file a law suit! Dealing with accident cases is not your strength. Then why don't you let a boston motor vehicle accident attorney, whose strength is to fight accident cases, fight for you? While you are getting the required medical attention your boston motor vehicle accident attorney will be addressing the issues of payment of your medical bills, property loss, loss of wages etc.

Massachusetts comes under "no-fault" state with regard to car accident injury claims. It means everyone gets a basic level of help with their medical bills after a car accident. The auto insurance company pays the first USD 2000 of medical bills under Personal Injury Protection (PIP). If you have taken an additional private health insurance, that insurance company takes care your bills over and above the first USD 2000. The a boston motor vehicle accident attorney explains you how to avail PIP cover for the first $2000 of medical bills, or up to $8000 if you have masshealth or are uninsured.

When you retain a boston motor vehicle accident attorney and sign a legal services agreement between you and the lawyer, he takes responsibility of-Submitting Medical release forms in accordance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountabilty Act), arranging to pay your medical bills through PIP, requesting for a police report, arranging your lost wages and engage in negotiations with your insurance lawyers, other driver's lawyers & insurance companies.

Bston motor vehicle accident attorney advices his clients to take care of medical treatment for injuries after the accident and follow doctor's advice. He also recommends them not to speak to an insurance representative for the other driver and not to give a taped statement or an opinion in writing.

Every car accident is unique in its own way. Boston motor vehicle accident attorney approaches the case differently as required and studies even the minute details. Hence do not suppress any facts. Also he starts collecting the evidence which include police reports and witness interviews. Boston motor vehicle accident attorney also arranges for photographs and the medical records and lab reports to see that you are legally compensated.