Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Los Angeles

728 bicycling fatalities and 45,000 bicycling injuries in 2001 tells the story of bicycle accidents in United States. And 59% of bicycle-related injuries involved children of 15 years or below. The number of cases involving bicycles may be low (approximately 2% of all the accidents) as compared to other accidents, the caring bicylcle accident lawyers los angeles take up the bicycle accident cases. As per law bicycle riders are subject to the same traffic laws as motorists. Hence bicylcle accident lawyers los angeles consider the bicycle accidents on par with any other accident and try to get the rightful compensation for the victim.

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, first of all take care of medical attention if needed for yourself or anyone who might have been injured. Report the accident to the police. Note down the details of the driver, license, vehicle details, insurance company details, details of any witness at the accident site. Consult any experienced bicylcle accident lawyers los angeles, who will begin the process of protecting your right.

The bicycle accident lawyers los angeles evaluate the bicycle accident and study the finer details. Most of the roads now have bicycle lanes. If a vehicle has caused an accident in the bicycle lane, it is obvious that the cyclist is not at fault.

If a bicyclist is hit on the road and if he is found drunk, he will be booked under Driving Under Influence of Alcohol (DUI) as is done in case of motor vehicles. In that case you need to find one of bicycle accident lawyers los angeles who also deals with DUI.

It is reported that the insurance payments to the bicycle accident victims are 30- 40% lower than any other similar accident involving bigger vehicles. The bicycle accident lawyers los angeles try to get as much compensation as possible to take care of your medical expenses, bicycle repairs like damaged frame or mingled wheels.

The bicycle accident lawyers los angeles are also aware that in case of bicycle accidents, Motorists were at fault in 21.6% cases , but the cyclists were at fault in as much as 16.8% cases. And 8.6% accidents occurred while the motorists were overtaking cyclists where as in 7.3% of cases bicyclist Turned or Merged into Path of Motorist. Irrespective of who is right or wrong the bicyclist is always injured in case of accidents (unless the bicyclist hits a pedestrian). The bicycle accident lawyers los angeles look into all aspects and try to help the victims