Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Auto Accident Lawyers Georgia

As per Bureau of Transportation, 42643 people lost their lives and 2.89 million injured in 6.33 million accidents in 2003. Unfortunately accidents do happen and the reasons could be many. More than 1500 people die in auto accidents in the year in Georgia alone. The auto accident lawyers Georgia help the injured victims and the relatives of the dead to fight their rights of compensation. The auto accident lawyers Georgia can also take up your case if you caused the accident.

In case of accident, the person caused the accident generally rings up the insurance company. Lawyers of the insurance company are the first one to act and the may arrive at the scene of the accident. They offer you the compensation and you may think it is acceptable. However if you contact auto accident lawyers Georgia, they will tell you a different story of how you are being taken for a ride!

The insurance company lawyer or police ask you for your statement, whether you are a victim or the one caused the accident. Be aware that this could be recorded and may be used against you. Hence be careful with your words. Mention all that happened and all about your injuries, however minor they are. Some times minor injuries may result in long term problems. Hence is it important for you to hire auto accident lawyers Georgia to advise you on all the intricacies of the case.

Insurance companies may inform you that they can pay the bills only after your medical treatment is completed and till that time you need to pay the same out of your pocket. However, auto accident lawyers Georgia will help you get the payments for medical bills during the treatment.

Innocent drivers who caused the accident may not know how to handle the insurance company’s claim process. The Insurance companies may offer less than what is required to get the vehicle repaired or pay the medical bills. Here the auto accident lawyers Georgia can intervene and sort out the issues smoothly.

The auto accident lawyers Georgia do not charge you any money and they take a percentage of the compensation arranged for you. Hence it is always advisable to contact auto accident lawyers Georgia in case of accidents in Georgia. They speak the same language as those from Insurance company.