Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Air Bag Attorney

In case of accidents, the driver used to get hurt badly as the chest would take the impact of the steering wheel. Air bag was designed to inflate in case of accidents. These are designed for males who are 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh 180 lbs. Hence, in case of any accident, the air bag attorney looks for the details of the driver, air bag details, instructions given on the airbag etc. Air bag manufacturer and/or the automobile manufacturer should have appraised of the dangers of airbag to the owners of the car. If the driver is not aware of these issues, and meets with an accident, he/she must contact the air bag attorney immediately.

Air bag inflates at speeds up to 200 mph and this blast of energy could injure or kill the passengers. Hence children and adults below 90 lbs should not sit in front of the air bag. Many airbag injuries are facial and eye injuries. In some cases ruptured eyeballs resulting in blindness were reported. In all the cases of injuries, experienced airbag attorney can advise you how to fight against the faulty equipment suppler or fight for the insurance money.

In case of accident try to get out of the car safely and leave the vehical as it is. Take the pictures, and record on video if possible. And contact your air bag attorney, who is a specialist in Air bag safety practices. He will then take necessary action to file the case as per the rules. Do not readjust any parts.

Air bag attorney needs all the possible evidence to fight the case. Hence gather all the reports like first aid report, emergency room reports, autopsies and accident reports. Endure that your owner's manual and vehicle purchase documents are available.

It was believed that arms of a driver unintentionally cover the chest/face in case of an accident. It was also noticed that airbags can break bones in your arms as you try to save your face or chest. Airbag manufacturers should be held liable for the injuries that airbags cause. A capable airbag injury attorney representing your case may be able to get you maximum monetary compensation for your injuries.

It is also possible that your air bag attorney may have to file another type of case if the air bag failed to open and the passengers are injured. The failure to open may kill or injure the driver due to the impact. Hence Air bag attorney has to check carefully the various reasons for the crash and the injuries, before filing a case or go for out of court settlement.